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In the situation that the influence of global warming becomes explicit, the expectation of nuclear power is increasing worldwide. However, the current system which transforms nuclear energy only to electricity does not vitalize the intrinsic property of nuclear energy.

We are sure that the dissemination of High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor HTGR is essential which can be used widely not only for electricity generation but also for heat, hydrogen, steam etc and contributes to low- carbon society.

HTGR supplies not only electricity and heat for urban area through the energy distributed  system, but also supplies electricity, heat and steam etc for petrochemical complex. HTGR can also be the potential energy source for sea water desalination system and further for generation of hydrogen to be used for Fuel Cell car and stationary fuel cell battery.

Japan is in high attention of HTGR, as Japanese government included the technology development of HTGR in "Energy Basic Plan " which was decided by the cabinet in April 2014.