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Mr. Tekha Tarek Selim

Mr. Tekha Tarek Selim ( Tekha Group Founder – CEO)

Mr Tekha Selim is  one of the youngest CEO'S in the world today, He is a 22-year-old mass media student at the University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, where he plays on the UOS national championship basketball team. In addition, Tekha  plays for the "MPAERS" professional  basketball team and is well known as one of the best point guards in the Middle East. He also is founder and CEO of his own organization Tekha Group, which sponsors seminars all over the world. Through all natural means, Tekha was able to lose 144 pounds (65 Kg) during the 11th grade of high school; he uses his story of transformation as a way to motivate others to reach their goals. His mantra "Dream, Believe, Achieve" already has inspired hundreds of thousands of people all over the world  to change their lives for the better. To date, Tekha has presented 123 seminars all over the world. Tekha also has led his Group to work on numerous government initiatives locally and globally  aimed at advancing healthy lifestyles, and programs aimed at offering healthier choices and promoting sports in the UAE and USA. In addition, the Group sponsors fitness contests and international competitions , and Tekha regularly appears on a TV Show titled "Tekha Show," in which he offers fitness tips. Also, the world's smallest and most advanced fitness step tracker, the MymoTekha (made by Tupelo Life), is named for Tekha, and now his organization ( Tekha Group)  is working with the University of Sharjah and West Virginia State University in an international conference( Solutions for a better life)  to be held in Sharjah 2016.