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Abstract Guidelines


(i)        All abstracts should include the following sections: Background and Objectives, Methods, Results/Expected Results, Conclusions and Future Directions.

(ii)       The abstract word limit is 300 words.

(iii)       All abstracts must only be submitted via the online submission system.

(iv)       Abstracts must be well written and easy to understand.

(v)        The corresponding author should get an approval from the co-authors before submitting an abstract. A statement of approval should be included in the abstract.

Abstracts will be reviewed by the Research Committee, College of Medicine, University of Sharjah and the selection criteria will be based on the followings:

(i)      Scientific ideas and originality.

(ii)    Research design and methodology.

(iii)   Data clarity.

(iv)  Significance of the outcomes.

(v)    Validity of the conclusions.

(vi)  Future directions.

(vii) Presentation skills.