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Themes and Topics


  • Innovative formulations for targeted drug delivery.
  • Nano / micro particulate delivery systems.
  • Gene delivery.
  • Nano systems for controlled-release applications.
  • Bioavailability/Bioequivalence (BA/BE) studies.
  • Pharmaceutical regulatory affairs.


Pharmacy Practice

  • Turning Knowledge into practice.
  • Safety, efficacy and affordability of medicines for all patients.
  • Transformative pharmacy education for responsive research and practice.
  • Drug Information.
  • Drug Utilization.
  • Medication Therapy Management.
  • Formal Education and Training Programs.
  • Disease State Management.


Advances in:

  • Pharmacotherapy of infectious/malignant diseases.
  • Pharmacotherapy of neurological disorders.
  • Pharmacotherapy of diabetes and other endocrine disorders.
  • Drug addiction
  • Basic and clinical toxicology
  • Pharmacogenomics.

      Medicinal chemistry
    • Innovations in computational drug designing and medicinal chemistry.
    • Natural products.
    • Targeting Protein-Protein Interaction.
    • Chemo genomics and Chemical Biology for Target Identification and Validation.
    • Immmuno-oncology & Therapeutic Potential.
    • Neuroprotective Drugs for the CNS & Blood Brain Barrier.