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Contest Rules

1.    The contest lasts for five hours (from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM). Contestants
       should not leave  the competition before 3:00 PM.
  2.    Only undergraduate students are allowed to participate in the contest. A team will be disqualified if the organizing committee discovers that one of its members have already graduated.
  3.    Each team can register up to four members. However, only three members are allowed to participate on the contest day. The fourth member is allowed by the organizing committee as a reserve for each team just in case one of the team members cannot participate for any reason.
  4.    Each team should solve as many problems as possible among a set of six to ten problems on a single computer in JAVA, C or C++.
  5.   . Each team is allowed to bring the following items to the contest:

                                  i. One dictionary for translation purposes.

                  ii. Published reference book(s).

                  iii. The team reference document were the contestants are allowed to assemble into a single   printed document the material that they think is most relevant for the contest. It may include listings and/or algorithm descriptions, but it is limited to a maximum of 25 single-sided, A4 pages. The pages must be numbered in the upper right-hand corner and the contestant's university name should be printed in the upper left-hand corner. Text and illustrations must be readable by a person with correctable eyesight without magnification from a distance of 1/2 meter.

The contestants are not allowed to bring any electronic media of any form, or any material other than the ones specified above.

  6.    For the teams who didn’t come the first day of the contest, they need to arrive to the contest venue on the second day at least one hour before the contest starts in order to complete the registration and allow organizers to check their material.
   7.    Machine-readable versions/devices (computers, pocket calculators, mobile phones, CDs, flash memories, floppy disks …) are not allowed in the contest hall.
  8.    Rebooting the computers under any special circumstances during the contest must be done with the presence of an invigilator.
   9.    Solutions are judged by running them using judges' test cases.
  10.  The contest judges are solely responsible for determining the correctness of the submitted solutions; their decision is final.
  11.  There is a penalty for any wrong submission. The penalty consists of adding twenty minutes to the total submission time. The penalties are cancelled if the problem is not solved by the team. Penalties are applied only if the problem is solved.
  12.  Teams are ranked according to the most problems solved. Teams who solve the same number of problems are ranked by least total submission time.
  13.  Printers are provided in the contest room. A team requiring a printout of their source code should ask helpers to collect their listing from the printers.
  14.  Contestants requiring any kind of help should remain seated while being assisted by an invigilator.
  15.  All contestants are supposed to wear the NPC 2010 T-shirt provided to each contestant, during the contest.
  16.  Any team attempting to communicate with other teams, to tamper with the machines, or disrupt the contest environment in any way will be disqualified.