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The University of Sharjah Competition in Information Technology for High School Students
May 2nd 2012   
The Department of Computer Science at the University of Sharjah invites high school students to participate in the Annual Information Technology Competition. IT has become an integral part of the life of young people and will continue to play a vital part in their studies as well as their future professional life. Hence, the more informed they are about this field the better they perform as students as well as in their future careers.  The theme of this year’s competition is Education. All entries must be related to Education of any kind and at any level.
The competition is structured to attract students at different levels and with different interests in IT.  Students may participate in the off-campus, on-campus, or both categories of the competition. The off-campus category may be completed at home or in school, while the second category will be done on the campus at the University of Sharjah on the day of the competition.