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Competition Categories

First Category (Off Campus)  
  • Maximum of 3 students per project.
  • Maximum of 3 projects by each school 
  • Online submission is required a week before the date of the competition for this cacategory.
Students may submit their work in any of the following three areas:
Category #1A (Web Page Design Project) :
Any topic  to which the students wish to develop a home-page within the theme of the competition.
Evaluation Criteria:
             ·  Overall Impressions: Home page on one screen; download time – size of home page; readability.
             ·   Navigation and Design: Ease of use; using proper links; site map (at least five pages).
            ·  Content: Useful information; use of multimedia elements (e.g. graphics animation, etc.).
Category #1B: (Artwork Project) :
Students can select a topic of  their own choice from the following (A or B or both):
A-     Posters: Submitted work must meet the following requirements:
Work specifications:
1- Art Size A3 (29.7 × 42cm  or in inches 11.69 × 16.54” ).
2- Resolution 300 dpi.
3- Color mode CMYK.
4- All layers must be open & uncompressed;  don’t flatten into one layer format like.
Work presentation:
1- Print in A3 Size   (29.7 × 42cm  or in inches 11.69 × 16.54” ), then attached/glue to a  white foam paper of the same size, or optionally with 2” borders from all sides.
 2- Readable soft copy on CD/DVD for the raw uncompressed file (like PSD, Ai, eps, cdr etc.).
Please write the name(s) of all participants on both media (on the back of the poster, and cover of DVD).
B-      Flash Animation: Each submitted work must meet the following conditions:
Work specifications
1- Duration (2-5 min).
2- The animation should play as stand alone without user interaction.
3-You should have the copyright of the elements used in the design (images, fonts, sounds, etc).
Work presentation:
1-Any animation program can be used, and the source files for the program should bbbe submitted with your work).
2- Final Animation in AVI format.
3- All the required files should be submitted on one CD/DVD.
4- Please write the name(s) of all participants on both media (on the back of thetheposter, and cover of DVD).
Category #1C:  Programming Project:
Any topic could  be selected provided it satisfies this year’s theme. Any programming language can be used, for example, Access, Visual Basic, C++, …
Evaluation criteria:
  •  Importance of the project
  •  Requirement, design &  structures
  •  Efficiency
Second Category (On Campus)
  • The on-campus category will be a Power Point Presentation. Students will be given the requirements and specifications of a PowerPoint project, including the topic, which must be completed during the specified time of the contest.
  • Maximum number of students to be accepted in this category is 40.
  • Maximum team numbers per school three, and no more than three member per team.
  • Registration deadline: Register using the link below by April 19th, 2012.