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Visa Information

You need the original copy of your entry visa to enter the UAE.  If you asked us to organize your entry visa, then we will send you a scanned image of the visa and if time permits we will send you the original by express mail to bring with you.  If for some reason we were not able to send you the originals then please make sure to tell us your point of entry so that we can deliver your visa to the point of entry.
Please check the following website for information on whether you need a pre-arranged visa (also visit the following website: or you can get a visa on arrival.  Additional information is provided at the end of this email.
If you are among nationals who need entry visa to UAE and you would like help in obtaining a UAE visit visa, then please send the following documents:
1.       An electronic  copy (scanned) of your valid passport (passport must be valid for at least six months)
2.       A high-quality electronic passport picture (colored) on a white background
3.       An electronic (scanned) copy of Ph.D. certificate/diploma.  This is because it is easier to get a visa for visitors who have higher-level professions (doctor, engineer, professor, teacher, lawyer, manager, etc).
4.       An electronic proof of payment of $235 US Dollars (equivalent to 865 UAE Dirhams) ($35 for visa application and $200 registration fee) paid in the name of "University of Sharjah" for "IFEE2010" by "Your name – Paper Number". 
The Payment should be sent to the following account:
Bank Name:                Sharjah Islamic Bank
Bank Branch:              Sharjah-United Arab Emirates
Beneficiary:                 University of Sharjah
Account Number:       002-9200147-060
Swift Code:                 NBSHAEAS
Please send the above documents by email to (  Do not delay sending the proof of payment as the visas will be obtained by the Public Relations Office after receiving proof of payment.   Obtaining a visa and mailing it to you requires few weeks so we must receive your papers by Monday 10/10/2010 on the latest.