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Call for Papers

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Topics Include but are Not limited to:

Advances in Teaching & Learning:
  • Innovative Units, Approaches, Methods, Tools, Experiences, and Programs
  • Integrating Research in Undergraduate Programs
  • Designing Learning Environments
  • Active Learning
  • Life-Long Learning 
  • Technology Enhanced Learning
  • E-Learning and Distance Education
  • Role of Educators
  • Generic Attributes in Engineering Education
  • Practical Training, Internship and Role of Industry 
Assessment Practices in Engineering Education:
  • Assessing Courses and Programs for Effectiveness and Achievement of Desired Outcomes
  • Assessing Students' Learning
  • Evidences of Outcomes Achievement
  • Assessment of Students' Work
  • Assessment of Professional Skills
  • Formative vs Summative Assessment

Quality Assurance in Engineering Education:
  • Preparations for Accreditation
  • Globalization of Accreditation Standards 
  • Recognition of Qualifications
  • Improvements and Closing the Loop

Sustainable Development in Engineering Education:
  • Integration of principles, values and practices of sustainable development into engineering education
  • Program and curriculum issues – integration of sustainable development in objectives, outcomes, courses, teaching and learning activities, etc
  • Addressing the social, economic, cultural and environmental issues in the context of sustainable development in higher education
  • Collaborative approaches in sustainable development education
  • Policy and leadership requirements for transforming education on sustainable development
  • Approaches for sustainable development education
  • Transforming universities campuses into models for sustainable development