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It is proven that clays in UAE have their  unique properties in terms of chemical compositions, this potential can be fully utilized in advancing technology of energy consumption and water management in addition the UAE clays have been used in heritage art craft for hundreds of years due to their special properties.

Ras al-Khaimah traditionally known as Julfar has been a site of human habitation for several millennia and there are many historical and archaeological sites throughout the emirate.  A key part of Julfar’s rise in the 15th  and 16th  century was the commercialization of the pottery known as Julfar ware.

This one day symposium is directed towards researchers and artists to put together an appropriate design for clay to advance and improve the quality of life in UAE in the post era of oil. This symposium is unique in the middle east  where up to this moment no conferences or meeting were conducted and the college of sciences will be the first host for such event which is expected to continue in years to come.