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CONVR 2014 Program

Registration, Radison BLU
Plenary Session1, Room: Habiba Ballroom
Opening, Prof. Sabah Alkass and Nashwan Dawood
Welcome by the Chancellor of University of Sharjah
Keynote 1, Osama Moselhi (Concordia University, Canada), Chair Prof. Sabah Alkass
Visualization of onsite construction progress using remote sensing and BIM
Coffee and Networking Break
Keynote 2, René Schumann (Hochtief ViCon, Qatar-Germany), Chair Prof. Nashwan Dawood
BIM and VR Technologies in the Middle East
Breakout Session (11.20-13:00)
Session1—BIM & VR: Site Applications
Chair: Prof. Simaan AbouRizk,
(Room: Heritage A-GF)
Session 2—BIM & VR in Education, Learning &
Chair: Prof. Raja R.A. Issa, (Room: Heritage B-GF)
An energy model for sustainable decision-making in road construction projects
Jan Krantz, Weizhuo Lu, Tim Johansson & Thomas Olofsson
Implications on facilitating interaction in public hearings with virtual models
Janne Porkka, Mirkka Rekola, Timo Kuula, Kalle Kähkönen & Jukka Rannisto
Beyond classic models—design and         developments of a comprehensive earthmoving simulator
Mostafa Ali, Muaz Fagiar, Yasser Mohamed & Simaan AbouRizk
BIM Education: A framework for Kuwait
Nawari O. Nawari & Adel Alsaffar
Resource planning in penalized construction based on discrete-event simulation
Mohammed Sadiq Altaf, Hexu Liu,            Mohamed Al-Hussein & Simaan AbouRizk
Mapping of Building Information Modelling business process model and related issues in both the schematic design and design development phases
Ibrahim Abdelhady & James Jones
Upgrading the automated crane management system for industrial construction projects
Zhen Lei, SangHyeok Han, Mohamed           Al-Hussein, Simaan AbouRizk, Ulrich (Rick) Hermann & Ahmed Bouferguène
Enhancing spatial and temporal cognitive ability in construction education through augmented reality and artificial visualizations
Ivan Mutis & Raja R.A. Issa
Keynote 3, Charles Woodward (VTT, Finland), Chair Prof. Nashwan Dawood
Augmented reality for AEC—pioneering works, past, present and future
Keynote 4, Raymond Issa (University of Florida, USA), Chair Prof. Nashwan Dawood
Enhancing spatial and temporal cognitive ability through augmented reality
Breakout Sessions (15:35-17:15)
Session 3—BIM & VR: Site Applications
Chair: Prof. Vian Ahmed, (Room: Heritage A-GF)
Session 4—BIM & GIS: Interoperability &        Standards
Chair: Prof. Mohamed Al-Hussein, (Room: Heritage B-GF)
Can BIM support better working conditions for low-skilled labour?
Hans-Joachim Bargstädt, Abdur Rehman Nasir & Elena Ignatova
BIM-enabled approaches to code-checking: challenges within the Australian regulatory context
Shan-Ying Shih, Willy Sher, Helen Giggins &         Sittimont Kanjanabootra
A dynamic automated system for site layout planning in Egypt
Elbadr M. Elgendi, Vian Ahmed, Zeeshan Aziz & Khaled Shawki
Optimized integration of UAVs, survey and image based modelling strategies for digital terrain model reconstruction
Ming-Chang Wen, Cheng-Hsuan Yang, Er-Xuan Sung, Tzong-Hann Wu & Shih-Chung Kang
Using Videos to create semantic virtual construction
Chin-Wei Liu, Shih-Chung Kang & Shih-Min Huang
Visualization of inspection results of concrete bridges using remote sensing and ARCGIS
Salam R. Yaghi, Saleh Abu Dabous, Sabah Alkass & Osama Moselhi
Global positioning data to model and visualize workspace occupancy in construction safety planning
Sijie Zhang, Nipesh Pradananga & Jochen Teizer
Automated collection, identification, localization, and analysis of worker-related proximity hazard events in heavy construction equipment operation
Jochen Teizer, Olga Golovina, Di Wang & Nipesh Pradananga
Dinner at the Calypso! Restaurant, Radisson Blu Resort, Sharjah (19:30-23:30)
Day 3—18 November 2014

Plenary Session 2, Room: Habiba Ballroom
Keynote 5, Ghassan Aouad (Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait) Chair: Prof. Ray Issa
Advanced IT and the readiness of technology in the Gulf region
Keynote 6, John Mesner (The Pennsylvania State University, USA), Chair: Dr Fikri Dweiri
Business case for VR and BIM
Coffee and Networking Break
Breakout Session (11:05-12:25)
Session 5—BIM & VR: Site Applications
Chair: Prof. Lloyd Waugh, (Room: Heritage A-GF)
Session 6—Visualisation, simulation &                 Sustainability
Chair: Dr Hiroshige Dan, (Room: Heritage B-GF)
Thermal performance of mosque architectural forms and its impacts on indoor temperature and thermal confort Al-Sharjah as a case study
Emad Mushtaha
Inner surface measurement with RGB-D camera using multiple light markers
Hiroki Inoue, Hiroshige Dan, Akira Kobayashi &   Yoshihiro Yasumuro
Modelling safe location detection for temporary settlements of affected residents in case of dam failure
Sharifeh Sargolzie, Samad Sepasgozar, Leila Irajifar & Hamad Al Jassmi
3D-Scan planning of outdoor constructions based on structure from motion and mathematical optimization
Yuhei Kitada, Hiroshige Dan, Yoshihiro Yasumuro, Taisuke Ishigaki, Tatsuaki Nishigata & Masataka Imura
Virtual reality in the AEC industry: A literature review
Sara Rankohi & Lloyd Waugh
The role of central courtyards as a  passive strategy in Islamic architecture
Abdelsalam Aldawoud
Assisting post-earthquake reconstruction through information visualization using GISKantaro Monobe & Yoshiyuki Tokunaga
BIM based environmental assessment in the building design process
Farshid Shadram, Marcus Sandberg, Jutta Schade & Thomas Olofsson
Breakout Sessions (14:05-15:45)
Session 7—BIM & VR in planning, design & facility management
Chair: Prof. Charles Woodward, (Room: Heritage A-GF)
Session 8—Visualisation, Simulation &                Sustainability
Chair: Prof. Osama Moselhi, (Room: Heritage B-GF)
Implementation and evaluation of a mobile augmented reality system for building maintenance
Charles Woodward, Timo Kuula, Petri Honkamaa, Mika Hakkarainen & Paul    Kemppi
Evaluating the impact of conservatory as a passive solar design on energy performance and internal temperatures of UK detached dwellings
Joseph Amoako-Attah & Ali B-Jahromi
Evaluation of IFC and COBIE as data sources for asset register creation and service life planning
João Patacas, Nashwan Dawood &          Mohamad Kassem
Rear-screen and kinaesthetic vision 3D manipulator
Chao-Chung Yang, Hsiang-Wen Yang, Tzong-Hann Wu & Shih-Chung Kang
The efficacy of virtual reality technologies relative to traditional methods of assessing project status: An experimental study
Sara Rankohi, Lloyd Waugh & David Cody Bradley
Assessing water pipelines performance using acyclic simulation
Mohammed El-Abbasy, Ahmed Senouci, Tarek Zayed & Hassan Al-Derham
The challenges of adopting building information modelling (BIM) principles within small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs)
Anas Bataw, Matthew Burrows & Richard Kirkham
Visulaising urban energy use: The potential value of remote sensing & LiDAR data in urban design and energy planning
Nashwan Dawood, Tracey Crosbie, Martin           Carpenter & Michael Crilly
Coffee and Networking Break
Breakout Sessions (16:05-17:05)
Session 9—BIM & VR in Planning, Design & Facility Management
Chair: Dr Rula Sharqi, (Room: Heritage A-GF)
Session 10—Visualisation, Simulation &         Sustainability
Chair: Prof. Koji Makanae, (Room: Heritage B-GF)
Style over substance: the home owner’s dilemma—spend on appearance, or energy reduction
Jonathan Hubert & Ali Bahadori-Jahromi
Dynamic web3D visualisation of oil & gas facility assets
Edvinas Rasys, Nashwan Dawood, Darren Scott & Mohamad Kassem
An exploratory evaluation of a new national online consenting system in New Zealand
Jeff Clement Samasoni & James Olabode      Bamidele Rotimi
Development and evaluation of an action-based educational serious game about disaster evacuation
Shunichi Kikuchi & Koji Makanae
Risk assessment automation in steel construction using image processing
Rula Sharqi & Ammar Kaka
Visualization tools for energy awareness and management in energy positive neighbourhoods
Michael Short, Muneeb Dawood, Tracey Crosbie, Nashwan Dawood & Mia Ala-Juusela