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About the conference

The 14th International Conference on Construction Applications of Virtual Reality (CONVR 2014) and Islamic Architecture  will be held in Sharjah,UAE on 16-18 November 2014.​ ​

Sharjah is one of UAE Emirates known to be the Cultural Capital of Islamic world, also it has been selected to be the Educational Capital of the Islamic World, Sharjah housed two main Universities the  University of Sharjah where the Conference will be held and American University. It is known for its museums.

The Conference will feature a tour to Dubai where the tallest bulding in the world (Burj Khalifa) is located.
The organization committee would like to welcome scholars and practitioners from around the globe to present and discuss the latest research and development ideas in the field of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Building Information Modelling (BIM)and Islamic Architecture. CONVR 2014 will provide a unique opportunity to discuss future strategies and directions of research and development in this exciting field with renowned researchers and practitioners.
CONVR 2014 will bring together  researchers and practitioners from around the globe to report on and exchange the latest development, ideas and applications stemming from innovative research activities in the area of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Building Information Modeling  and Islamic Architecture. The objective of the conference is to report on ideas, improvements, and applications of innovative international research activities in the VR, AR and BIM fields and discuss strategies for the future development of research perspectives in these fields.​
The International Conference on Construction Applications of Virtual Reality was initiated by Prof. Nashwan Dawood. The first CONVR was held in Teesside (UK) in 2000.

The conference focuses on the fields of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) which are forward-looking technologies that enable considerable benefits in all stages of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) process, from initial planning and conceptual design to facility management and operations. Over the last 14 years the conference has been held all around the globe and sponsored by major software and engineering companies:
  • CONVR2014 in Sharjah, UAE
  • CONVR 2013 in London, UK
  • CONVR 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan
  • CONVR 2011 in Weimar, Germany
  • CONVR 2010 in Sendai, Japan
  • CONVR 2009 in Sydney, Australia
  • CONVR 2008 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • CONVR 2007 in Pennsylvania, USA
  • CONVR 2006 in Orlando, USA
  • CONVR 2005 in Durham, UK
  • CONVR 2004 in Lisbon, Portugal
  • CONVR 2003 in Blacksburg, USA
  • CONVR 2001 in Chalmers, Sweden
  • CONVR 2000 in Teesside, UK