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Pre Conference


Preconference Events:


Monday Apr 18 th 2016 .


First Workshop :

Using Technology and Marketing to Recruit and Admit Students


Presented by: Thomas C. Green

Associate Executive Director, Consulting and SEM

American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers


Language: English


Workshop description:

Today's university student seeks and consumes information in ways very different than today's university administrators experienced when they sought to attend university.  Keeping up with current preferences and technologies can be daunting for many admissions offices.  This workshop will engage participants in understanding how to communicate with and recruit today's highly mobile and technological secondary student.  It will also discuss the role of technology in admissions processing and admissions decisions.


Second Workshop :

The Role of Admission and Registration Departments in Fulfilling the Standards of Quality Assurance & Academic Accreditation


Presented by: Prof. Esam El-Din Agamy, Dean

Deanship of Quality Assurance, Institutional Effectiveness, and Accreditation

University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Language : Arabic


Workshop description:

The global and regional dialogue over the importance of higher education has played a significant role in drawing the public attention and raising many issues related to the education process. Motivated by this attention, some countries in the region have embarked on setting up systems for quality assurance and academic accreditation and making major changes to their view of the education process in order to foster innovation, emphasize the continuity of improvement, and promote distinction. The aim of the academic accreditation process is to demonstrate to the education community, the public, and other institutions that, through periodic evaluation, academic institutions have clear educational objectives and systems that would enable them to achieve the desired outcomes in a solid and sustainable manner. This view resulted in putting more focus on measuring and evaluating the outcomes rather than the input, which constitutes a continuous challenge.

University admission and registration departments have a vital role to play in quality assurance, achievement of the learning outcomes, and obtaining academic accreditation. By maintaining effective contact with the target students, their families, employers and sponsors, the admission departments contribute to attracting distinguished individuals. In addition, the quality of service, efficiency in the admission processes and the initial advising help in saving time and expediting and facilitating the assimilation of new students into university life. Admission departments also play an important role in controlling study plans, ensuring accuracy in registration and providing academic advisors, counsellors and students and their sponsors with timely and accurate information that contributes to providing accurate academic advising and ways to deal with struggling and distinguished students, graduating students on time, and providing preemptive advising and guidance to avoid challenges before they happen. Admission and registration departments also contribute to achieving many other conditions for quality assurance and accreditation through activities such as maintaining students' information records, confidentiality, integrity and others.

The aim of the workshop is to provide a practical demonstration of the principles and standards of quality assurance and accreditation required from admission and registration officers. It also provides a general overview of the terminology used in learning outcomes and assessment, the support services used to enhance the educational process, and the role of the admission and registration departments in providing these services. Throughout the workshop, the attendees will be provided with examples of good practice, common mistakes and advantages. The attendees will also be able to work in small groups to discuss practical issues in this field.


Third Workshop :

The US SPEEDE server, and why we expect today's assembled central SI systems to drive global student and skilled worker mobility


Presented by: V. Shelby Stanfield

Associate Vice Provost & University Registrar

University of Texas - Austin, USA

Language : English


Workshop description:

There is a famous idiom, "Mighty oaks from little acorns grow", or said simply, "Great things may come from small beginnings". This idiom is apropos for what we've experienced in the realm of electronic data in higher education. In the US, what started as the seed of an idea in 1996, 20 years later has matured into a US national platform to aid the electronic processing and exchange of education records. I'd like to share with you background, purpose, and outcomes from a project that started at The University of Texas at Austin, in Austin, Texas, USA that demonstrates how technology can drive global student  and skilled worker mobility.