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Higher Committee

  1. Prof. Hamid M. K. Al Naimiy, UOS Chancellor, chairperson
  2. Dr. Salah Taher Al Haj, UOS Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs, co-chair
  3. Prof. Dr. Hendrik Lehnert, President University of Lupeck, member
  4. Prof. Dr. Christian Juergens, Chief Medical Director, B.G. Hospital, member
  5. Prof. Dr. Nicolas Abou Tara, Advisor, B.G. Hospital, member
  6. Dr. Abdelaziz Al Mheiri, Director, Sharjah Health Authority, member
Organizing Committee

  1. Dr. Salah Taher Al Haj, UOS Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs, Chairperson
  2. Dr. Shareefa Al-Marzooqi, Director, Media Center, member
  3. Mr. Khaled Alraboy, Director, Public Relations, member
  4. Mr. Abdulrahman Al Hashimi, Director, Business Services, member
  5. Mrs. Noura Obaid Al Shamsi, Director, Procurement, member
  6. MS. Fatima Sajwani, Head, Conference Management Center, member
  7. Dr. Maher Al-Hafez, College of Medicine, member
  8. Ms. Nada Mulla Othman, Administration Officer, College of Medicine, member
  9. Dr. Reham Mohamed Rady, Development Specialist, College of Medicine, member
  10. Ms. Marwa Azam, Admin. Assistant, College of Medicine, member
Scientific Committee

  1. Prof. Qutayba Hamid, Dean, College of Medicine, Chairperson
  2. Prof. Samir Awadallah, Acting Dean, College of Health Sciences, member
  3. Prof. Mohamed Alhajjaj, Vice Dean, College of Medicine, member
  4. Prof. Azzam Magazachi, College of Medicine, member
  5. Prof. Nabil Sulaiman, Head of Family and Community Medicine and Behavioral Sciences, member
  6. Prof. Sausan Al Kawas, Chairperson, Department of Oral & Craniofacial Health Sciences, member
  7. Dr. Mohammed Al Hasan, Basic Medical Sciences, member
  8. Dr. Fatma Hegazy, Chair of Physiotherapy Department, member
  9. Dr. Hayder Hasan, Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, member
  10. Dr. Hany Omar, Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacotherapeutics, member
  11. Dr. Osama Hussein, Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacotherapeutics, member