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Our new dining halls are designed to meet your needs. With international dining options, reasonable pricing and convenient payment systems.

Meal Plans

All meals plans available to students (that are intended to last the entire semester)

Premier Plan

Provides students 15 meals a week for a subsidized meal price of AED 21.53, 240 meals during fall & spring semesters and 105 meals during the summer semester.

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Standard Plan

Provides students 5 meals a week for a subsidized meal price of AED 21.53 only, 80 meals during fall & spring semesters and 35 meals during the summer semester.

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Plus Plan

Provides students 10 meals a week for a subsidized meal price of AED 21.53 only, 160 meals during fall and spring semesters and 70 meals during the summer semester.

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Short term or small scale plans for shorter duration or usage

Block Plan

Mainly designed for non-resident students.
With block plans, students can enjoy the flexibility of 10 meals for the price of AED25.20 per meal, valid throughout the month from the date of purchase and which can be repurchased at the students convenience.

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single meals for visitors or occasional use                                

Pay as you go

Students not on plans, faculty & staff and university guests are welcome to dine in or order and pay per meal.
Meal price AED27.8*

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Meals not used by the end of semester do not carry  over and will be lost.
Top up is available anytime.
*All prices are inclusive of VAT

Why You’ll love it?

Great Food. Lower Prices. 
  Standard,Plus & Premier plans are mostly designed for dorm students who prefer to dine more often on campus
  By signing up for any of the three pre-paid meal plans, students get access to up to 20% discount on meal prices.
For example: A typical meal combo (salad/side, main, drink) on the plan will cost an average of AED21.53 vs. AED27.8 outside the plan (inclusive of 5% VAT) 
Our research tell us that students’ average weekly spend on meals ranges from AED225-250. This includes spend on deliveries and fast food.  The meal plan provides more nutrition, quality and selection for only for AED107 per week.
Non-dorm students who dine less often on campus can also benefit from Block Plans of 10meals a plan valued @AED25.20 a meal.  
Highlight: over a full semester, a meal plan will save you hundreds of dirhams while providing you with quality, variety & flexibility

It’s All About Quality! 
The new dining halls will provide students with fresh prepared food that is big on flavour and full of nutrition. Guaranteed. Everyday.
 Through our partnership with Sodexo, the quality continues behind the scenes where industry experts ensure that hygiene, food safety, and cleanliness are priority 1.
Nutrition is really important to maintain health, energy and mental focus. Your meal plan provides a balanced diet that tastes good and is good for you.

Selection. Lots of Selection! 
   It won’t be the same everyday! There will be a daily changing menu of international cuisines to satisfy most nationalities and cultures!
   You will enjoy a colorful salad bar, pizzeria, bakery and 5 more standalone outlets where students can order freshly-made burgers, fried chicken, Arabic grill or sample an Asian stirfry. 
   We will be regularly introducing and testing new menu options to see what students like plus specials for Ramadan, major holidays and events. 
   And we haven’t forgotten those with special dietary requirements, all students will be able to access food that meets their needs such as vegan and allergens free.  All you need to do is ask.

It’s Really Convenient and Easy     
All the dining halls are within walking distance where you can dine and socialize, meet colleagues and work, unwind and play.
Payments will be simple and easy. Your meal plan will be loaded onto a cashless smart card that you can swipe in any of the dining halls or campus cafes operated by the University.
No need for money or credit cards, driving off campus, calling for delivery or waiting around, great quality fresh food at your doorstep (and no more excuses for being late to class!).