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Our new dining halls are designed to meet your needs. With international dining options, reasonable pricing and convenient payment systems.

Where are the food halls located?

There are 3 main food halls on campus. The dining halls that will be renovated will be easily accessible and connected via air-conditioned corridors to the main campus buildings, allowing for easy access around the university. The men’s dining hall is located adjacent to the men’s student center and the main entrance is from M3. The women’s dining hall is located adjacent to the women’s student center. The medical dining hall (coming soon) is located at the medical & health sciences campus.

When do they open?

The mens dining hall is now open with limited F&B services due to Covid-19 and limited number of students. The women's dining hall is due to open in September 2021. The medical dining hall shall be coming soon.

What about sustainability & the environment?

Students will be encouraged to incorporate sustainable practices through different awareness and promotional programs on waste reduction and minimizing food excess in support of the University's campus-wide sustainability initiatives .

How much will a meal cost at the dining halls?

Student friendly prices!  Not only will quality be good, prices will be of value. Students on meal plans will have access to meal prices of AED20.50. With the new F&B services, the meal plan system will be available to all students.

How do I pay?

Students on meal plans will be provided with smart payment cards. Students will be able to swipe their cards at the tills across the dining halls, monitor their balances and upload extra funds through the new meal plans payment portal.  More information will be provided on the system and payment methods by beginning of Fall 2021/2022. Payment can also be done using cash or credit card.

What will the dining halls provide to students?

The new dining hall will house over 700 seats in five uniquely designed zones , showcasing live cooking stations, five outlets and one signature café .The dining halls will also provide students with a variety of spaces to leverage their learning such as meeting rooms, booths with screens and a mini-amphitheater that can be used to host small workshops, presentations and talks.