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Athletics & Fitness

The University of Sharjah recognizes sports as an integral part of student life. Sports teach teamwork and to be a good winner or loser. Joining sports activities and participating at events will help you stay fit and acquire various athletic and teambuilding skills.
A wide range of athletic activities is available on campus throughout the day. We encourage students to participate in a variety of sports and other recreational activities in order to enrich their university experience.

Sports Complexes
The main campus features two fully-equipped and state-of-the-art sports complexes, (one for men and one for women )which include Olympic-size swimming pools, several​ multipurpose indoor sports halls, and gymnasiums. The main campus also features a standard-size soccer field together with a running track and outdoor lighting.
Sports available at the University include​ body building, swimming, volleyball, karate, shooting, aerobics, yoga, bowling, table tennis, chess, billiards, tennis, squash, football, snooker, and basketball.
Students who excel in athletics may be awarded scholarships to complete their studies.

Sports Teams
Sports teams offer competitive and instructional programs for both men and women. You may participate in regular intramural and extramural tournaments as scheduled.​