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Director's Welcome

     ​I would like to welcome all beneficiaries of the University of Sharjah's libraries resources, facilities and services. You are the immediate focus of our attention and care, and your satisfaction brings us contentment and joy. 

These numerous magnificent buildings with their high-end technology and abundant resources in various subjects and forms, along with the professional library staff, are available to aid you in research, lifelong learning and knowledge attainment. We wish to provide you with skills that enable you to progress in a friendly yet competitive environment, to reach success in your scientific, professional and personal life. 

The knowledge and resources accumulated by the University of Sharjah libraries reflect the diversified, comprehensive programs available as well as the research interests of the faculty and students. Library resources have been organized and classified according to international specifications and best practices in relation to knowledge, architecture, technical and human aspects.

A great man once said "Half of our knowledge lies in our ability to find it". The University of Sharjah's libraries are a shining example of where to find not only knowledge, but it is a tool for the discovery and exploration of various print and electronic resources. This discovery tool allowed us to discover, for the first time, that the University of Sharjah libraries have access to more than two hundred million full-text resources, a figure we are infinitely proud of. We hope that these resources continue to support the University of Sharjah's teaching, learning and research objectives.

We are well aware that time is golden; therefore we made it our goal to obtain the technology to allow each member of the University of Sharjah to remain intimately connected to our resources with electronic access at all times, whenever Internet connection is available. Nine modern libraries were constructed and furnished elegantly, following state-of-the-art architectural innovations.

We are certain that they deserve to be labelled "smart libraries" due to the efforts of the architects, technology developers, resources acquirers, service providers and resource users. The University of Sharjah libraries hold​ fundamental worldwide resources in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, engineering, health sciences, arts and humanities, fine arts, management, law, media and sciences.

We are keen to enrich the collection with new and quality resources to meet the requirements of the academic program in terms of learning, teaching, research, and community service. Your views, feedback and suggestions are vastly important to us, and integral in our attempts to provide you with services more responsive to your needs.

We are willing to answer your inquiries or to conduct introductory workshops and training sessions on library resources and services, in an attempt to achieve complete utilization of our resources.

Director of the University of Sharjah Libraries​