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Resources & Facilities


Amenities and Services


At the University of Sharjah (UoS) - Kalba branch- both students and academic staff enjoy a professional academic environment augmented by adequate learning resources.  



It provides easy access to books, journals, databases and research tools with the touch of a button to access all the UoS various library holdings. 


IT Services

All academic and administrative staff have access to the computing facilities. Registered students can access computer labs in various locations within the UoS campus either for general purpose or digital research.


Video Conferencing Suit

It can be used for distance learning across the UoS branches. Currently, the UoS has a two-way and multi-site calls for the ultimate students’ experience and convenience. 



It is the primary facility for performing arts, celebration and national festivals.


Public Lectures

At the UoS regular public lectures are held to advance knowledge and spark connections on a variety of topics of national and international interest.