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About Kalba

Kalba is a town in the United Arab Emirates. and was still being referred to as Ghallah at the time of Lorimer's 1906 survey of the Arabian Gulf and Oman, when it was apparently home to ten boats and trading with ports in the Arabian Gulf and India.

It is an exclave of the emirate of Sharjah lying on the Gulf of Oman coast north of Oman and south of the emirate of Fujairah. Khor Kalba (Kalba Creek), an important nature reserve and mangrove swamp, is located south of the town by the Omani border.
Khor Kalba is accessible by three roads. The first merges after Wadi al-Hilo (وادي الحلو) tunnel with Maliha Road (شارع مليحة) which finally leads to the Sharjah-Kalba Road (90 km) from Sharjah International Airport.There is also the Fujairah-Kalba road (8 km).The Khor Kalba road extends to​ the border with Oman, and is one of the​ exit–entry points between the UAE and Oman.​

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