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Campus Overview

Welcome to The University of Sharjah-Al Dhaid campus. The University is located on the outskirts of the city.

Dhaid, or Al Dhaid, is the capital of the central district of the Emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. An oasis town, it has extensive irrigated date palm plantations with water channeled from the nearby Hajar mountains at least in part through ancient tunnels dug for that purpose, known as aflaj in Arabic (falaj in the singular).Dhaid has long occupied a strategic location at the mouth of the important Wadi Siji.

Dhaid is located on the desert plain East of the coastal City of Sharjah and is bisected by the East/West Road from Sharjah to Masafi in the foothills of the Hajar Mountains. To its north lies the inland oasis town of Umm Al Qawain. Falaj Al Moalla, while the road south leads to the town of Madam on the Dubai/Hatta Road. The Sharjah/Mileiha/Kalba road passes to the south of the town.

Al Dhaid is an oasis town, fed both by seasonal wadis and by underground aquifers and water sources. It has extensive date palms and other plantations.

The new campus will contribute to the community and support  the current economic growth and development of the city and its surrounding area by supplying a high caliber of education covering popular degree programs and qualified faculty. The university aims to expend its degree programs to meet the growing needs of the community.

Description: blockquote1.pngAL DHAID campus gives its students the care, facilities, and support needed to make the most out of their college experiences. Description: blockquote2.png

University of Sharjah – AL DHAID Campus

The University of Sharjah- Al Dhaid Campus enjoys all the modern facilities to cater for the higher educational needs of the community. The campus is housed in state of the art buildings that ‎contain a library,  modern classrooms,  computer labs,  students' lounges, recreational facilities, a sport center, a state of the art auditorium and a cafeteria.‎ Our students have all these facilities at their disposal to​ provide them with a wholesome educational experience.