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CCE Trainers

The Center for Continuing Education & Professional Development at the University of Sharjah welcomes trainers and knowledge providers from various fields for training and consultation services given to the community. If you are interested in providing your services, or cooperating with us in offering our services to the community, please send your resume to
The following list represents a sample of the trainers affiliated with the center both from inside the university as well as external partners available on demand.
Faculty from UOS:
Dr. Kaker AlGarayba
Dr. Hamdi Saleh
Dr. Ali ALMehdawi
Dr. Ahmed AlHawari
Dr. Hussain Al Othman
Dr. Osama Ismail
Dr. Ahmed Farouq
Dr. Mohammed Noor Eldin
Dr. Muneer Howrani
Dr. Mohmmed Shatah
Dr. Khalid Zamoum
Dr. Nasir Eldin Leyadi
Dr. Khayrat Ayad
Mr. Mohmmed Amir
Ms. Nahed Moaget
Ms. Omayma Nasir
Dr. Hussain Al Tamimi
Dr. Mohammed Shalal
Dr. Suad Al Sherif
Dr. Khalid Gawish
Dr. Nasir Abu Ali
Dr. Fekri Elnagar
Mr. Amgad Hassan
Dr. Emad Abdulazeez
Dr. Magdi Albanani
Dr. Muosa Shehada
Ms. Reem Nasir
Mr. Jamal Abuhassan
Dr. Essam Nasir
Ms. Asma Awad
Dr. Alaa Eldin Mahmoud
Mr. Mohmmed Melhim
Mr. Motasem Al hamdan
Ms. Mona Al Tamimi
External Partners:
Dr. Falah Al-Hussaini
Dr. Faeq Bani Salama
Dr. Amora Abu Talib
Dr. haker Al Mandhari
Dr. Rakan the narrator
Dr. Osama Kamel
Dr. Abdul-Malik Jani
Dr. Mohammed Abd Aladim
Dr. George Morris
Mr. Abdullah Al-Zarouni
Mr. Obaid Al-Mathlom
Mr. Anas Al-Batush
Dr. Muhammad the judges
Dr. Ahmed Qusay
Mr. Uday Qusay
Mr. Jassim Al-Naqbi
Dr. Muhammad Kamali
Dr. Wael Allam
Dr. Shaheen Al-Mazmi
Dr. Imad Al-Rifai
Dr. Mahdi Haroun
Dr. Bakry Arrows
Dr. Amer Al-Qasim
Dr. Yousef Al-Hammadi
Dr. Wissam Nasr