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University missions are three-fold: to educate through the academic process, to further human discovery through research, and to enhance wellbeing through involvement with the community. The Center for Continuing Education and Professional Development (CCEPD) epitomizes the intersection of these three goals. Through its mandate of offering training programs to community constituents, professional consultations, and industrial involvement, the center acts as the university’s main interface with the professional community outside its borders.

Our aim at the CCEPD is to facilitate the bidirectional interaction between the members of the community at-large and the ultra high quality resources available within the university. We work through the establishment of mutually beneficial professional partnerships with the various sectors of the community. Through our training programs, we aim to offer the path to career advancement and dream fulfilling opportunities. Our consultation offerings provide organizations large-and-small with the opportunity to leverage the intellectual development and practical experience of the vast capital that is the university’s human and physical resources. The involvement of the professionals we represent serves to heighten the stature and operational quality of any organization.
We bring to the table the availability of a very large number of highly qualified professionals with experiences spanning all fields from, Medicine and Engineering​ to Literature, the Arts, and Law. We at the CCEPD operate at the highest possible levels of professionalism to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership for all parties involved. We handle all arrangements so that providers and customers can concentrate on the professional aspects of the partnership.
The values that we operate under are:
- Professionalism
- Quality
- Facilitation
- Maximum Added Value
- Cost Effectiveness and Optimal Results
- Organizational and Individual Learning
- Partnerships for best Practices.
Our delivery models are:
- Training Modules
- Professional Consultations
- Seminars
- Specialized Certificates
- Customized Corporate Programs
- Organizational Evaluations
Our previous customers have spanned the scope from government organizations, private sector corporations, individuals, and private groups. We have provided programs for groups from a few to several hundreds. Our facilities are state of the art, purpose-built for a professional development environment. Our staff are highly qualified professionals with excellent experience.
We invite you for a discussion about possible opportunities for us to serve you and your organization.
Prof. Radhi Muhsin Al Zubaidi
Director of the Center for Continuing Education and Professional Development