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Dear visitors, learners, and partners,

With the dawn of a new era in education and professional development, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the University of Sharjah Global Continuous Learning Center - an educational and consulting hub that exceeds expectations, reshapes standards, and opens new horizons for learning and innovation.

Here, we don't just offer educational courses; we build a community of learners, creators, and leaders. Our center goes beyond being an educational institution; it is a home for ideas, a platform for creativity, and a meeting point for cultures. We strive to provide a rich educational experience that embraces innovation, encourages critical thinking, and enhances 21st century skills.

Our vision revolves around achieving excellence in the field of continuous learning and consulting. We aspire to be more than just an educational institution; we aim to be a leading global center that illuminates the path in innovation, professional development, and consulting. Through our programs and services, we aim to inspire change and promote personal and professional growth for every participant.

In our center, quality is not just a slogan we raise; it is the foundation upon which we build everything we offer. We are committed to delivering first-rate education and training, relying on the latest technologies and best practices in the field of education and training. Our commitment to global standards is not just a word in our center; it is a commitment to providing programs that meet international standards and bring together the best of cultures and knowledge from around the world. We seek to build bridges of communication between the East and the West, providing a unique opportunity to learn from diverse experiences and share knowledge across different cultures.

At the heart of our strategic goals lies our commitment to providing outstanding consulting services that align with the needs and challenges of the times. Through our specialized consulting department, we offer you support and expertise to face professional challenges and efficiently achieve your goals.

At the University of Sharjah Global Continuous Learning Center, we take pride in what we offer in terms of educational and consulting programs, and we always look forward to elevating what we provide. We work hard to achieve our vision and adhere to our values, which form the cornerstone of our success and distinction.

We look forward to our next journey with you and thank you for your trust in the University of Sharjah Global Continuous Learning Center. We are here to help you achieve your dreams and surpass your expectations, and we look forward to seeing your positive impact on the world.

With warm regards,

​Dr. Asmaa Nusairi

Director of the Center for Continuing Education and Professional Development​