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Postponing Admission

  1. Admitted students should enroll at the beginning of every semester according to the registration schedule announced in the Universitys academic calendar.
  2. New students are allowed to postpone their admission for a maximum of one semester.
  3. Students must pay the required fees and submit a deferment form to the Admissions Office before classes begin. Once that is done, the College concerned shall be duly notified.  If the student does not register the following semester, his/her admission shall be cancelled.
  4. Students who do not enroll for the semester in which they were admitted or do not process a request for postponement of admission will be denied admission to the University and will not have the right to a refund of the seat reservation fees
  5. Admission postpone is not allowed in Colleges of Medicine and Dental Medicine

Students who would like to postpone their admissions, please fill the below form and send it to the following email: