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Value Added TAX (“VAT”)

Dear Students,

As of 01 January 2018, Federal Government of the UAE has introduced VAT, from this date VAT will apply to most goods and services supplied in the UAE at the standard rate of 5% except where a supply is specifically zero rated or exempt under the VAT law.  

To be compliant with the VAT law, our services will be subject to the following:

Sr. No.DescriptionRateRemarks
1.      Tuition fees0%No VAT is applicable
2.      Application Fees5%wherever applicable VAT will be charged @5%
3.      Student Accommodation feesExemptNo VAT is applicable
4.      Services such as Transfer of college, major, Toefl Exam, transcripts etc5%No VAT is applicable
other charges
wherever applicable VAT will be charged @5%

Schedule of other charges including VAT

Please refer to the below schedule of other charges subject to VAT @5%. All the amounts mentioned below is inclusive of VAT.

Sr. No.DescriptionVAT @ 5%Amount Including VAT
Renewal ID Card Charges.5%15.75
2Lost ID Card.5%52.50
3Lost Time Table.5%5.25
4To Whom It may Concern.5%27.00
5Lost Housing Key.5%31.50
6Locker - For One Semester.5%52.50
7Return Cheque Charges.5%52.50
8Lost Password Charges.5%21.00
9ID Card Charges For (4 Years).5%105.00
10Penalty- Bounced Cheque5%525.00
11Official  Transcript5%53.00
Non official Transcript 

Photocopy charges amounts will vary and VAT will be applicable @5% on the variable amount.

Please note that the services listed are not exhaustive, if you wish to discuss any of the matters in further detail, please feel free to contact us at

Your sincerely,

University of Sharjah