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Student Services provided by Finance

Service descriptionContact PersonService RequirementService level
Collection of tuition fee & Dorm feesCounter staffStudent will refer to the counterFee will collect depending on the colleges and types of dorms.
Payments methods are:

1. Cash – Through SIB Bank
2.Visa card –Through Online
3. Bank Transfer
4. Current dated Cheque
5. P.D.C Cheques
Brother & Sister DiscountCounter StaffStudent will request the counter / through email along with student ID CardsSibling discount is limited to one member per family regardless of the number of siblings studying at the University. 10% discount will be applied to the sibling who is charged the lowest tuition fee amount. (discount does not apply to Scholarship students)
High school DiscountAR SectionAutomatic updatingAfter Admission procedure (Admission Dept.) Finance Department will update to the student account (50% of the tuition fee)
GPA DiscountAR SectionAutomatic updatingAfter Registration updates the GPA, the Finance Department generates the discount in the student a/c – Student should be registered at least 15 credit hrs and the minimum GPA 3.8
Official transcript (Approval)Counter staffStudent apply the request in online (E-Service)If student has a debit balance, the Finance Department cannot approve any request until the student cover the balance.  
Un-official transcript (Approval)Counter staffFill the application and submit to the countersReview the student account. If the student is eligible, staff will charge the fees to the student account and signature on the application for collecting the un-official transcript from the Registration Department
ID Card - Renewal, lost & replacement (Approval)Counter staffFill the application and submit to the counters or Student can apply the request in online (E-Service)Charges apply to student account and refer to Admission Department
Withdraw from University (Approval)Counter staffStudent apply the request in online (E-Service)1. Review the student   account
2. Apply the penalty as per approved census date
3. Refer to Registration Department to drop the course
Withdraw from semester(Approval)Counter staffStudent apply the request in online (E-Service)1.Review the student account
2.Apply the penalty as per approved census date
3.Approve on the system
Clearance – Graduated students (Approval)Counter staffAfter graduation- automatic request will come from admission dept.Review the student account and confirm the clearance from the other departments (Dorm, passport section, library, etc.. ) after approval refer to Documents & Archive  Department for collecting the certificate. If the student has a credit balance in his account (dorm deposit, excess payment, etc.), this will be refunded.
To whom it may concern (Quotation for Tuition fee & Dorms fees )Counter staff
Fill the application and submit to the countersWill prepare from counter on time
Cheque return requestCounter staff
Student will pay by CCDM / through online and request the staff to return the chequeReview the cheque date, if it is more than 7 days, collect the payment against the cheque and apply the return request in banner
Tofel ExamCounter staffStudent need to pay to the counterAfter collecting the amount, issue the receipts to the student to go to the English Language Center to register for the exam date