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University Services Fees

The university charges the following fees for the registered student. The university reserves the right to make changes without notice in the published tuitions and fees.

Type of ServiceFees in AEDType of ServiceFees in AED
Application fee (Nonrefundable)360Lost Time Table Replacement5.25
Application Fee-Master's Program(nonrefundable)500
To Whom it May Concern Certificate- registration/ Finance27
Change of College  Request53Official Academic Transcript53
Change of Major Request within the same College53Official Transcript for Graduated Student53
College Transfer Request53Incomplete Application37
TOEFL Fees685Mailing of University Performance Results29.5
IELTS Exam Fee
e-attestation ​200
Cheque Return request52.50University ID Card Fee (valid for 4 years)105.00
Course Final Exam Grade Review21University ID Renewal15.75
Penalty – Bounced Cheques525.00University ID Replacement21
University Locker Rental Fee (One Semester)
52.50Lost University ID Replacement Fee52.50
​Graduation expenses
(UG stud. )
​Graduation expenses
(GR & DR stud. )


Ref No:Course NameFees
1Applied Corporate Finance292
2Business Statistics246
3Calculus I​​​221​

​ ​ ​ ​
4Calculus I for Engineering
5Calculus II
6Calculus II for Engineers
7Calculus III
8Engin. Statistical Analysis241
9Engineering Statistics241
10English for Academic Purposes231
11Financial Management205
12Financial Markets and Instit.257
13General Chemistry (1) Lab54
14General Chemistry for HS221
15General Chemistry Lab for HS54
16General Chemistry(1) for MS359
17Intensive English Foundation 1​​103
​ ​ ​
18Intensive English Foundation 2
19Intensive English Preparatory3
20Intensive English Preparatory4
21Intro Probability & Statistics241
22Linear Algebra I220
23Organic Chemistry for HS221
24Physics 1​​​​​​220
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
25Physics 2
26Physics 3
27Physics for Health Sci
28Physics for Medical Sciences
29Physics I for sciences
30Remedial Physic​s