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Payment of Tuition Fees

Payment Mechanism:
Tuition Fees:

  • Before registering in courses for a new semester, students have to complete all pending payments from previous semesters, if any in cash, credit cards or through MY UDC.
  • Tuition fees for each semester can be paid in two installments maximum. The first installment should be not less than 50% of the total amount and should be paid in cash or credit card. The rest of the dues 50% are Paid by 2 cheques, as mentioned in the payment policy.
  • Payments can be made in cash, check (for University of Sharjah), credit card, direct bank transfer, or electronically through depositing the amount in the Sharjah Islamic Bank ATM.


Type of PaymentInstallment 1Installment 2Installment 3
Cash (First Payment)50% of Tuition fee
PDC (should be submit before last date deadline) 25% of tuition fee date on 01/10/2021
25% of tuition fee date on 01/11/2021

In order to facilitate the tuition fees payment mechanism, students are urged to continuously check their accounts on the accounting system that is linked to the University of Sharjah's website.