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Financial Policies And Regulation For Student Transactions

Admission Confirmation

-       Students accepted by the University have to pay in order to reserve their seats and confirm their admission to the University of Sharjah:

Students joining BA programs pay AED 12000.
Students joining MA programs pay AED 12000.

- This amount is deducted from the student's tuition fees. Students who withdraw from the university before registering the courses will lose:

 3000 in BA program and the remaining will be refundable.
5000 in MA program and the remaining will be refundable.

Students joining Medical College have to pay AED 1500 as an administrative fee to join the competition.

·       If the student is not accepted, he/she does not have the right to request a refund of this fee.
·       If the student is accepted, the fee is deducted from the student's tuition fees.
·       If the student withdraws, he/she is fined AED 3000 (withdrawal fine).

Postponing Admission (New Students):
Unregistered students who wish to postpone their admission pay the following fees:

·       AED 1500 before the registration deadline.
·       AED 3000 after the registration deadline.
Students who wish to cancel their acceptance cannot request a refund of their admission confirmation fees

Add and Drop
The University sets up an academic calendar at the beginning of each academic year and announces it in University brochures and on the University's website. The Academic Calendar provides the dates that students are required to adhere to during the registration period and when starting classes. They may drop some courses and add others in exchange or drop courses altogether. In accordance with these dates, tuition and tuition refunds are calculated for adding and dropping courses as follows:

·       During the Add/Drop Period (as per Academic Calendar ):
If any courses are dropped during the Add/Drop period, the student's account is fully refunded the course tuition.
·       During the Drop Period without receiving 'F' (as per  Academic Calendar):
If any courses are dropped after the Add/Drop period or during the Drop Period without receiving 'F', no tuition fees are refunded to the student's account for the dropped courses.

All of the abovementioned periods are specified in the Academic Calendar issued by the Departments of Admission and Registration and approved by the Chancellor unless the University Administration issues a decision to shorten or extend these periods.

These policies are applied to all UOS students, including scholarship students who are responsible for paying the amount of courses dropped if they drop courses after the Drop/Add period or during the Drop Period without 'F'. Students, without scholarship, are responsible for paying the tuition fees for these courses.

·       Postponing Registration
Postponing registration is when continuing students postpone their registration for one semester or more for any reason to maintain their status as students at the University. Tuition fees for the semester postponed, according to University policy, depend on the date that registration was postponed as follows:

If the student has not yet registered for the semester, the student will not be required to pay any tuition fees and any amount paid earlier by the student will be transferred to the student's account for the coming semester.

If the student has already registered for the semester, and then decides to postpone registration, the following applies:
·       If registration is postponed within the Census date, all amounts will be carried forward and applied toward the coming semester.
·       If registration is postponed after the Census Date, the student will be required to pay 100% of the tuition, deducted from fees already paid for the semester.
·       Students, without scholarship, are required to pay all of the fines above.
·       Dates announced in the Academic Calendar, or any official changes from the Departments of Admission and Registration, are considered in calculating the above tuition fees and fines. 

All the above-mentioned dates and deadlines are set by the Admissions Department and are part of the University of Sharjah's Academic Calendar.

Withdrawing from University of Sharjah
Withdrawal takes place when already accepted and registered students withdraw completely from the university.
Semester or Academic Year Tuition-fee refunds are regulated according to the date of withdrawal:

PENALTY DETAILS - Registered Student
( Withdrawal from University - Withdrawal from Semester - Drop courses )
Period Penalty
From when Class begin – up to Census date 0% Penalty
After Census Date   100% Penalty

Fees Refund
In some cases, a student's account may show a remainder of more than the tuition fees due, as a result of the student obtaining a scholarship after having already paid the required tuition fees at the beginning of the semester or because of paying more than the semester fees.

Below is the policy followed for addressing surpluses in student accounts:

  • Priority is given for refunds according to the following (for a surplus in a student's account):
    • Students who have withdrawn from the University
    • Graduates
    • Students on Scholarships
  • Refunds are paid directly to those who paid the tuition (i.e. students, parents/guardians, or third party who granted the scholarship).
  • Refunds are not made during the periods of registration until the end of the Add/Drop period.
  • Students are required to request Refund Application through E -SERVICE along with designated refund form and the required documents.
  • Refunds will be transferred on a monthly basis to the bank account specified on the form (if submitted before the 15th of the month).    

Bounced Cheques Penalty

  • If any cheques to the University from a student bounce, a fine of AED 525 is applied to each bounced Cheque and the bounced cheque is not returned to the student until the cheque and fine are paid in cash.
  • If more than two cheques bounce while a student is studying at the University of Sharjah, the student must pay tuition for his/her remaining periods of study in cash and the University will not accept any further cheques from the student in question.

External Training and Excellence Programs (Hours completed outside the University):

  • Some programs and study plans include field training hours that the students complete in certain institutions, companies, departments, and organizations. These internships are essential for the students to complete their program requirements and graduate. During these hours, the students are supervised and evaluated by their university professors as well as CASTO. The fees for these training hours are:
  • For students whose study plans require training hours to complete the number of credits for graduation: the fee for each external training hour = the same fee as the credit hour in their college.
  • For students whose study plans do not require training hours to complete the number of credits for graduation: the training fee is AED 1216 and the training is handled by CASTO.