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Student support fund

University of Sharjah is dedicated to empowering students and inspiring them to pursue their educational objectives. The Student Support Fund (SSF) has been set up to focus on supporting students whose financial circumstances may prevent them from continuing their university education with ease.

The dates of each SSF application period are published on the University Website and sent to students by email, in addition to an updated list of requirements. Please click here​ for more details on the application process and the required documents.

Please note that if you face technical difficulties in applying contact us through 
the email : It is important to note that any incomplete application will not be considered. 

  • Students applying for SSF must successfully complete applications based on the requirements announced each semester.
  • A Committee appointed by the University reviews the required documents and information submitted by the applicants through the online application and ensures that any support given complies with the University's rules and regulations.
  • The level of SSF is determined after a comprehensive assessment of the candidate's eligibility based on need.
  • Please note that submission of a complete application does not guarantee receipt of financial aid.


Eligibility and Selection Criteria
  • Newly admitted students (only those who are in their First Semester) cannot apply for the SSF until they complete their first academic year. They can then apply from subsequent semesters.
  • Only undergraduate students are eligible to benefit from SSF.
  • Student must be able to provide documentary evidence of financial need.
  • Students can benefit from SSF only once in each academic year.
  • Any amounts given to a student by SSF but is not subsequently required to be used for any educational or housing fees will be returned back to SSF. The amount cannot be refunded to the student.

Application Process:
  • The student must prepare and submit the minimum documentation required in an online application.
  • The dates of each SSF application period is published on the University Website and sent to students by email, in addition to an updated list of requirements.

Student support does not include the below cases:-
  1. Students who have an academic withdraw optional withdrawal, academic dismissal, and registration termination.
  2. To apply to SSF students must achieve a minimum CGPA (2 points) in the regular Term ) Fall & Spring)..
  3. New admitted students are entitled to apply after completing a full academic year) Fall & Spring).
  4. Postgraduate students (Master & PHD)
  5. The student is entitled to benefit from the support fund once every academic year
  6. Please note that applying to the Student Support Fund does not mean obtaining support
  7. The value of the financial support granted to the student is not refundable or transferred from one account to another