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Facilities Management Services

Facilities Management (FM), bringing together all maintenance services under one roof, managed by a qualified professional team.

Our team manages our in-house services and outsourced specialized services using a reliable performance management system that ensures peace of mind and ultimate quality standards. The core activities of Facilities Management are listed below:

  • Air Conditioning System (HVAC)
  • Plumbing Service
  • Civil maintenance
  • Electrical Services.
  • Carpentry Services
  • Soft Service
  • Emergencies
  • Events
  • Fixed Asset Unit


24/7 Help desk for Maintenance requests

FM is providing 24/7 help desk services, and all maintenance issues are reported to FM Helpdesk by a unique ticket No. that will be issued to the end-user.

In August 2020, facilities management recorded a total of 2902 Nos. of tasks altogether and achieved above 85% of KPI's month on moth even during the problematic COVID-19 situation, ensuring uninterrupted services under any circumstances to all of its stakeholders.


Project Management Section:

"The Project team constructs solid foundations that last a project lifetime, let us work for you."

The team, established at the University of Sharjah in 2018, provide project management solutions and renovation works plus the planning of future projects.

The sharing of all resources and services can be provided to both Faculty and administrative staff members through our unique concept and strong motivation. 

The project team aims to provide High quality work and services to cover a wide array of projects in the University of Sharjah

Our first and highest priority is the quality of both the products we offer and our services. The project team is committed to provide the highest quality work and to match that with an equal level of specialized services that meet the standards and needs of the University of Sharjah. The project team provides comprehensive solutions to meet the specific needs of each client

By dealing with the project team, you will experience a journey free of hurdles while achieving your desired outcome at the end. We will provide ease of mind and guarantee projects' success and time efficiency


The most important projects in the section:

  • Male Dining Hall
  • Women's Dining Hall
  • Forum Building Male & Female
  • Medical Female Dormitories
  • Multi-Story Building Parking Near M7
  • Dental Clinic At M28
  • M1A Scientific Research Building
  • M3A Graduate Study Building


Energy Management & Digital Transformation:

The Management of Energy through Digital Transformation is fundamental to the Mission and Vision of the University of Sharjah to sustain its environmental improvement.

The Energy Management and Digital Transformation unit of the FMP Department aims to optimize the facility by implementing a digital operation strategy viewed as a means of transforming the service, streamlining current processes, and making use of technologies to not only enhance its interaction but also deliver excellent user experience at the same time.

Energy management and digital transformation unit of FMPD practices data driven decision making  to reduce the utilities consumption of the University of Sharjah. It involves several steps beginning with monitoring the monthly energy and water consumption and analyzing them using complex analysis tools to gain more significant insights into the operational expenditure and plan strategic projects to reduce the cost.

Energy management unit works to develop programs that typically incorporate the use of state of the art technology to facilitate strategic decision making to aligns the energy management strategy with UoS business objectives and financials. As the energy management program is forward-looking, the level of sophistication required is enhanced by implementing digital transformation to provide accurate financial modeling for future year planning, thinking fast in terms of innovation, embracing internet of things and adapting to the changing needs of the facility users.