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​With each passing day, Facilities Management section are stepping forward to help in the fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic by adopting various measures which will help end-users as well as the society. FM has been offering services like deep hygiene cleaning, eco static disinfectant cleaning, and fumigation services etc to ensure that the UOS premises are sanitized and safe to operate once the lockdown ends.
​One important step by energy management section towards energy efficiency and savings in the built environment is the introduction of Smart Energy Management Systems.
Optimization of energy use is a vital concept in providing solutions to many of the energy challenges in UOS.
An energy and power management system can also help us assess the quality of the power, identifying issues such as voltage sags, swells and transients. 
​As the University continues to grow, both in terms of reputation and in student and staff numbers, there's an increasing need to expand and improve the quality of our buildings and the surrounding campus.
Project management section strive to continuously improve the estate and environment to ensure that we deliver an excellent campus where our students and staff can excel.