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Students Exchange Experience at UoS
Arabic Exchange Program for non-Arab Speakers.

UoS is the home for Arabic Language exchange program for non-Arab Speakers from many institutions since 2019.

Students experience from China



Country: China
MAJOR: Arabic language and culture

I am a student of Beijing Language and Culture University. What about your experience at UOS? Studying at the University of Sharjah is one of the most precious memories of my university studies, where I learned about Arabic language, Islamic culture and the history of Emirati society etc. During my study at UOS, the school also organized trips to neighboring cities for us, which allowed me to meet lots of Arabic friends and I still keep in touch with them. I am grateful to University of Sharjah for providing us with the opportunity to study and live in the beautiful city of Sharjah!


Name: 陈天宇(chen tian yu)/ Arabic Name: Saleh - CHINA/EXCHANGE PROGRAM

Country: China
My own experience in learning Arabic with Dr. Fikry El-Naggar

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatuh. I am an undergraduate student at Xi’an University for International Studies. Dr. Fikry El-Naggar taught me Arabic at the Dialogue lesson. I read a lot about the Arabic culture, Arabic traditions, manner of speaking, etc. I present a lot of thanks to Dr. Fikry, who visited China coming from the faraway University of Sharjah in order to teach us (the Arabic language learners). This has been so useful and is certainly one of the most exciting experiences in my life.

Department of Arabic Language, Xi’an University for International Studies.


Chinese Name 吴尚泽 (wú shànɡ zé) / Arabic name: Na’eem - CHINA/EXCHANGE PROGRAM

Country: China
My own experience in learning Arabic with Dr. Fikry El-Naggar

I met Dr. Fikry El-Naggar at Xi’an University for International Studies in November 2018 when he taught me Arabic. I benefitted a lot from him. The information I obtained from him has been very helpful to me later in my study. I was deeply influenced by Dr. Fikry’s love of the Arabic calligraphy. He always introduced to us varieties of artworks of Arabic scripts that motivated me to execute several artworks in this theme.
The love of Arabic language and culture will live in my heart forever. I will keep learning it. I will work on making the public well informed about this language and culture.
I have had the honor to learn a lot from Dr. Fikry and I will tell my friends and colleagues about what I have learned.

Department of Arabic Language, Xi’an University for International Studies

Undergraduate Exchange Program
UOS is the regional hub for international undergraduate exchange students.

Students experience from Universiti Darussalam, Brunei


Hajah Nurbaizurah Binti Haji Suhamin - Brunei/STUDENT EXHCHANGE PROGRAM

Country: Bruneian
MAJOR: Bachelor of Science in Islamic Finance

I am currently studying to complete my 4th year of study. Insha’Allah i will graduate by next year. What about your experience in UOS? It was very comfortable and pleasant experience studying at UOS with all the facilities provided. My lecturers always care about me in terms of my understanding in learning, must study really hard because based on my experience, as a student who studying abroad is very challenging. There must be a desire to study abroad.


Fiki Rohmah binti Ahmad Dimyati - Brunei/STUDENT EXHCHANGE PROGRAM

Country: Brunei Darussalam
MAJOR: Bachelor Degree of Science in Islamic Finance

Currently, I’m continuing my study in Bachelor Degree of Science in Islamic Finance in UNISSA What about your experience in UOS? A new experience in which it broadens my mind in terms of culture, education, and way of thinking. Overall, it was a good experience as I feel welcomed and throughout my time at UOS you can also learn about the culture and be open minded to any ideas and every perspective.

Graduate Exchange Program

UOS is the regional hub for Graduate international exchange students. Outcomes of the International PhD exchange program are recognized through high quality publications in peer reviewed journals and conferences' proceedings.

Visiting Ph.D. Students experience

Thiago de Almeida Rodrigues

Country: Brazil
MAJOR: Industrial Engineering Phd candidate working as a research assistance with Professor Dr. Fikri Dweiri and Dr. Gordian Ojiako (Udi).

I spent my research experience at UOS during the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite all difficulties due to the lockdown, I had all assistance from UOS professors and staff to keep working on my Ph.D. research. Following the instructions of supervisors’ professors through web meetings, we achieved as result two papers submitted to Production Planning and Control (under review) and one paper published in the International Journal of Logistic Management. Now I am writing my PhD thesis and furthermore, I am reviewing two papers to be submitted jointly with UOS professors to Production Planning and Control Journal. As for advice, I strongly suggest to future students enjoy all academic and professional experiences of UOS professors. Spending time working together with supervisors professors made me all difference to improve my skills quickly. All professors are kind, friendly, and professionals to acquire the best from the students.


Ilyes Lacheheb

Country: Algerian
MAJOR: Mathematics, PhD student at Kasdi Merbah University, Ouargla, Algeria.

What about your experience in UOS? I have got a big experience during my research stay at the University of Sharjah. First, in the academic perspective which I have explored university facilities such as library and labs, also, I learned new things based on the information and teaching system in this university which is different than my original university. In addition, I have further expand my network with university staff and students from different countries and I published joint papers with professors in refereed journals. From the other perspectives, I have discovered and acquired some of UAE culture (Middle East country). Therefore, inside the university was full of knowledge experience and outside the campus is UAE lifestyle and culture experience. Take advantage of being in the university by interacting with lectures and researchers, and try to publish together. Also, don’t forget to visit the important places in UoS Campus (library, labs, Sharjah center for astronomy and space sciences near to the university…etc.) and the historical places in the marvelous City of Sharjah.

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