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Overview & Mission


The Writing Center at the University of Sharjah aims to serve all students taking courses in which English is the medium of instruction and help them become more confident and skillful writers. The center works with the students to enhance their capabilities in various modes and contexts of written English and prepare them to be not just successful students at the University of Sharjah but also more efficient communicators in English and more effective participants in the workplace.  

The Writing Center aims to:  
1. Provide feedback to students on various writing assignments and improve their written work in accordance with the assignment’s requirements. 
2. Offer tutorials and workshops on writing in English. 
3. Offer editing services to faculty members interested in publishing their research. 
4. Offer editing services to Masters students to improve the quality of their theses and dissertations. 
5. Offer editing services to the administration of the University of Sharjah and to the community outside the university. 

1. University of Sharjah undergraduate and graduate students 
2. University of Sharjah faculty members 
3. Individuals interested in editing and improving the quality of their written work