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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Writing Center?
The Writing Center at UOS is located at:

W2 046 B: Women's Colleges 

M2 026 E: Men's Colleges (Starting Fall 2018)

Who can use the Writing Center?

Any UoS writer—freshman through graduate student, staff and faculty—can use the Writing Center.


When does the Writing Center open for the semester?
The Writing Center opens each semester in Week 3 of classes. The Writing Center closes each semester in Finals weeks.


How do I get a session at the Writing Center?

You can make an appointment by logging on to our online scheduling system. First-time users need to register and create a password.


How many people attend each session?

A regular session is one-on-one tutoring, which means one student at a time. However, if you are doing a group assignment, you can book a session for the whole group.

How long should I expect my session to last?
25 to 50 minutes depending on whether you book yourself for one session or two back-to-back sessions.


What should I bring to my session?
The most important thing to bring to your tutorial is the willingness to put an effort into your writing and to be open to suggestions for improvement.

Other things that help make a session successful are:

·         The assignment sheet

·         Any class notes or course texts related to the assignment

·         Any written work you have done so far

I don't have a draft of my paper; can I still come to the Writing Center? 
Yes. While a draft is helpful, it is not necessary for a tutorial. You are welcome to use your session to brainstorm ideas to help get you started. But please bring the prompt before you come in.


Is there a limit to how often I can have a tutorial?
YES! Our policy is 4 sessions per student per week.


Will the tutor correct all of my paper?
No. However, if you want a tutor to look over your paper and teach you how to catch grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes on your own, then we are happy to help. The tutor will NOT correct all the mistakes in your paper for you.


How far in advance do I need to cancel an appointment?
You should cancel online through the appointment page as soon as you know you cannot make your appointment. If you don't cancel in advance, you'll be considered a "no-show." Three no-shows and you will not be allowed to book further sessions.


What if I'm late to my appointment?
If you are more than 5 minutes late, your appointment will be cancelled. Be on time!


Can the tutor read the paper on my laptop?
A hard copy would be better because we hope that you will take notes during the session on the matters you discuss and that you will reflect on the feedback before making any changes.


Can I talk about more than one assignment in an appointment?
Best not to. This allows you to focus on one task.


I have a research paper due for a non-humanities class. Can I still come to the Writing Center?
Yes! We help with writing in all majors. All tutors are capable of helping students in any major and some, because of their major or other experience, specialize in non-humanities tutorials. Take a look at the "Meet the Staff" page to find out more about our tutors' special interests.


My professor says I should improve my grammar/mechanics; will the Writing Center help me with this?
Yes, we are happy to help students who would like to learn more about grammar or mechanics, but we will not correct your paper for grammar or spelling mistakes.


Do you help with non-academic writing?
We help with all the different kinds of writing tasks that students face. This includes personal statements for further studies or scholarships), applications for internships, CVs etc.


Can I get help with creative writing?



Do you help with Arabic language papers?



Does the Writing Center see only freshman students?
No. The Writing Center sees students at all levels and in all classes.


Does the Writing Center edit and proofread graduate theses?

Yes, for a fee. Contact the Writing Center at for further details.


Can I work with the same tutor every time?
It may not always be possible as the schedules get filled up quickly and it is unlikely that the tutor you want will always be available. All our tutors have strong writing skills, so you can be sure of finding the help of other writing tutors useful to you as well.


What do I need to do to make the most of the Writing Center?

1.  Make your appointment well before the paper is due.

2.  Don't cancel! No matter where you are in your assignment – reading, brainstorming, researching, drafting, or revising—our tutors will work with you to improve your paper and help you to become a better writer

What if I have a suggestion for the Writing Center?
Contact the Writing Center at