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Target Audience

In order to achieve the University's mission of serving the local community and meeting its needs, the Center seeks to provide its services to a wide range of beneficiaries as follows:

  1.  Students of University of Sharjah who wish to learn a foreign language
  2. Students of majors that require learning a foreign language
  3. Non-Arabic-speaking students who wish to learn a foreign language, or develop their knowledge in a language they already know the basics of
  4.  Staff at the University of Sharjah
  5. Employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies, and the diplomatic corps in general
  6. Employees of private and public sector institutions
  7. Postgraduate students whose studies require knowledge of a foreign language for research purposes
  8. Media professionals
  9. Translators
  10. Staff at hotels and other tourist facilities in the country
  11. Employees in different media institutions
  12.  Tourist guides