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Me and my friends are very pleased about the French course we are taking at the Language Institute. We are enjoying the class and are always excited for the class and I find the teacher's way of teaching the language is unique and very helpful. Finally, I really hope we have the chance to complete the next level in next fall semester.
Rand Almesf
I joined the French course that has been offered by the institute and I am glad to be a part of it because it is enriching my knowledge and helping me to further thrive. The class is a very positive environment that is encouraging learning and our teacher is great. He is kind and understanding. He is always on time and never fails to answer any questions that we ,as learners, might have. He encourages us to practice, give us assignments ,and always provides us with valuable feedback on our work. He always allows us room to ask questions and consolidates what we have taken in our previous classes by revising with us, which I find to be really helpful. I am honored to be in the French class as I continue to learn new things about French. In the future, I hope that the institute considers offering a second and a third part of the course so that we advance our knowledge of the language and master it eventually.
Nada Alhamadi