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Dr.Suleiman Hassan Instructor Academic RankInstructor


  • PhD in TESOL, The British University, 2014

Research Interests:

  • Research and Teaching Methodologies, Teacher Development and Foreign Language Anxiety


Doctor of Education (Ed. D), Major (TESOL). The British University of Dubai, 2013. Thesis Title: English Writing Anxiety among Arab University Students. Master of Education, Major (ELT). The British University of Dubai, 2006 Dissertation Title: Motivation among Learners of English in the UAE Secondary Schools. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English Language. Al-Najah National University, 1986, Jordan.
English Lecturer & IELTS/TOEFL Teacher Sharjah University, UAE, 2008-2016 Teacher of English at Ministries of Education in Jordan and UAE, 1986-2004
TESOL Arabia
Foreign Language Anxiety
Hussein, S. (2015). A Policy for Homework Assignments in the UAE Eastern Coast Secondary Public Schools. JEPPA, vol.5(1). Hussein, S. (2014). English Writing Anxiety: Alleviating Strategies . Procedia: Social and Behavioral Studies, vol. (136). Hussein, S. (2013). EFL Test Anxiety: Effects, Sources and Strategies for Alleviating It. International Journal of Liberal Arts and Social Science, vol.1 (2). Hussein, S. (2013). The Role of Internet Technology in EFL Syllabus Design. The Journal of Education and e-Learning, vol.1 (4). Hussein, S. (2013). Effects of Teacher Question Types and Syntactic Structures on EFL Classroom Interaction. International Journal of Social Sciences, vol. 7 (1). Hussein, S. (2007). Motivation among Learners of English in the UAE Secondary Schools. Asian EFL Journal.
The best teaching techniques- University of Sharjah
During my journey as a teacher, I have strongly believed in diversifying the teaching methods and adopting different approaches to reach every student. One component of my educational philosophy is that learning occurs when a student is fully engaged in the process and makes a personal connection with the information taught. As change brings opportunity, we teachers should be ready to accept and contribute to changes in our classrooms and teaching techniques. We need to accept constructive criticism when given the chance. We should constantly evaluate our teaching and be open to change since a reflective teacher is an effective one. To conclude, I hope I am the teacher who gives students confidence to embrace their dreams and make them a reality, the professional who is always eager to participate in the growth and development of the student community.
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