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"Our professors were excellent. They gave us every opportunity to practice and I am still enjoying what I learnt and practicing on my own.We were issued with Certificates for Level 1 as a sign of Appreciation. I am motivated to take the next Level 2. In future, I will help teach someone and inspire many. Many thanks to our Group members for encouraging. I really appreciate the teachers’ tireless efforts." Polite Mangoro Zimbabwe
Polite Mangoro
"Our Arabic for non-Arabic Speakers teacher is absolutely amazing and super understanding & caring as a person. I loved how she was passionate and explained everything clearly and concisely in the course. As someone who was born and raised in the UAE and still incapable of speaking Arabic, our teacher was the first Arabic professor who touched on the real essential basics of the beautiful language of Arabic. Truly, teachers who understand the essential basics needed to speak Arabic for us non-Arabs are very rare. Thank you so much, I still visit the notes I took from your class— they were a ton of help and always will be. After so many years of not knowing what I was missing, I feel like I have a hack to the language."
Rumaisa Siddiqi, India
"Thanks to our teacher and to the University of Sharjah for the Arabic for non-Arabic Speakers Course. I liked the course and learned a lot. The teacher used different methods of teaching and gave high attention to every student in the class. She was very active and gave support even after classes. I can now use my knowledge in daily life in the UAE. I will continue to improve my level on practice by using great materials, books, videos, and recorded class that our teacher prepared and shared with us. Thank you very much for every class."
Yuliya Dubina, Ukrain
"It has been an enriching learning experience being a student in the Learning Arabic for Non-Arabs course in the Language Institute at the University of Sharjah. The course was highly interactive resonated well to the needs of a diverse group of students from various cultures and nationalities. Our teacher made Arabic language learning easy through her friendly disposition, her encouraging and interactive approach taking along all the students simultaneously. Quality of teaching and quantity of content both were addressed profoundly in the course. I would strongly recommend this course to all those who want to embark on an interesting learning journey."
Haider Razi
United Nations
I started my Arabic learning course from UOS Language Centre and found it one of the best institutes. Their teaching techniques are world class level and helped me to write, read and speak Arabic language.
Abdelsalam Habib, IT Consultant
One of my favorite things about the Arabic course at University of Sharjah is the teachers. They are kind and are genuinely excited to teach us and for us to learn. They are patient and are willing to repeat themselves so that we can understand the material.
Rachel Gaunt, student
Virginia, USA
Internship through IAESTE gave me an opportunity to attend Arabic language course. I have attended the course for about two months and had a really nice time with the students from different countries. The studying process was fun and I am impressed how I could learn writing Arabic letters and interact with the native speaker in this short period. The teachers are professional, open-minded, friendly and the studying process is well organized. All teachers were helpful and complement one another. I have gain not only the language, but also the culture and traditions. I am really thankful for this course to my Arabic teachers and of course IAESTE team
Komyor, Intern
I enjoy learning Arabic at The University of Sharjah! The classes are fun and interactive. All the professors are helpful while teaching us a difficult language. I recommend you taking this class if you want to learn how to speak and write Arabic! It will be fun, challenging, and worth your time.
Meg Anderson, Educational Consultant
Learning a new language is not easy especially with a group of strangers. However, with the course, not only you learn Arabic but you make friends who encourage and help you throughout. Dr. Asmaa has been an amazing teacher. After long hours of work, I look forward to this evening class. It was a fun and rewarding experience. I cannot wait to join the next level.
Pritbha Purswani, International Relations officer
Taught by a group of seasoned university professors, each with their own unique approach on how to learn a foreign language; The Arabic for non-Arab Speakers course is great for all seeking an interactive learning experience with a focus on day-to-day speech, and the underlying grammar needed in order to understand and expand upon it.
Muhammed Belgesay, Translator
This is not the first place I have studied Arabic but it is easily the best. I have learned more in the last semester than I’ve learned in the last two year and it my conversational skills show it. The teachers are genuine in their desire to see you succeed, and the program is flexible so you can learn at a pace that works for you. If you are totally new to Arabic or want to simply reinforce your understanding of Arabic fundamentals I highly recommend this program.
Ryan Stainfield, Student