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The Language Institute is one of the largest academic units at the University of Sharjah. It comprises five centers that offer their services to the University of Sharjah students and staff as well as the local and regional communities. 

These centers are: the English Language Center (ELC), the Center for Teaching Arabic to Non-native Speakers, the Foreign Language Center, the Writing Center and the Translation Center. 

The ELC is tasked with enabling students to meet the University’s minimal English language admission requirements for English-medium specializations. The Center for Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers seeks to become a leader in the teaching of Arabic to non-native speakers at the national and regional levels. Learners will receive distinctive education that focuses on enabling students to communicate in Arabic through the four basic skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.  

The Foreign Language Center aims to achieve the University's objectives of excellence in serving the community and meeting its needs, and to strengthen the UAE’s relations with other countries through preparing qualified professionals who can communicate in different languages and work towards activating cultural, scientific and technological exchanges. 

The Writing Center at the University of Sharjah aims to serve all students taking courses in which English is the medium of instruction, and help them become more confident and skillful writers. 

Finally, the Translation Center aims to offer translation, interpretation, training and consultation services to the University of Sharjah community, and to the public at the local and regional levels. It also aims at making Arab and Islamic scientific and intellectual achievements available to different nations in their own languages.