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Outreach Program

​The Language Institute offers courses for the community in foreign languages and Exam preparation.
No.Online CourseDatesDurationCost includes teaching materialsProspective instructors

General English/level 1


Nov 15th 25hrsAED 900


Fatima Tanveer


2IELTS Preparation 1IELTS Preparation 1
Nov 15th 25hrsAED 900


Mohamed Molhim

3Arabic for non-Arabic Speakers Level 1
Oct 28th  45hrsAED 1900

Asmaa Awad


4FrenchNov 15th 25hrsAED 900Morvan Maria Morvan Marie-Astrid
5TurkishNov 15th 25hrsAED 900


Begüm Kasap

Nov 15th 25hrsAED 900


Rachel Jin


7Farsi/Level 1Nov 15th 25hrsAED 900Mohammad Amir Samimi
8Urdu/ Level 1Nov 15th 25hrsAED 900Ambreen Zehra
9ESP (English for Human Resources, (UoS staff) focus on writing ex…reports, emails, memoNov 8th 35 hours15,000Yasser Salem