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​The office obtains scholarships for students of all offered degrees. Conditions for granting the scholarships are determined by their donors in coordination with the University. Many donors require rules and conditions such as a GPA threshold at the general secondary education level or during undergraduate studies. Some donors require that the beneficiaries work for the donors after graduation for a term agreed upon by the two parties. 

Donors also specify the educational programs eligible for scholarships. They also specify other benefits such as monthly stipends, travel tickets, dormitory and transportation allowance etc.
Some donors offer all-inclusive, unconditioned scholarships for the sake of community responsibility and achieving public benefit. Some donors offer partial study grants covering half of the tuition or give monthly payments to cover a major part of the tuition.

Scholarship Conditions: -

1) To receive a scholarship, a student must have fulfilled the admission requirements for the undergraduate or postgraduate program for which the scholarship is granted.
2) A donor must be of existence and registered in the United Arab Emirates or of an established existence abroad. In either case, it should be approved by the University of Sharjah.
3) The University bylaws, executive regulations and any conditions related to student admission and registration have to be observed by scholarship donors.

4) The scholarship contract terms and conditions agreed upon by the donors and the student have to be fulfilled whether or not the scholarship is under employment obligations