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Advisory Committees

The Community Cooperation Office establishes the advisory councils and ensures that their recommendations are implemented. An advisory council is an appointed body whose role is to provide colleges and academic departments with the necessary guidance to best achieve their stated objectives and fulfil their missions. For example, the council would
1) advise colleges and departments on their current and future programmes and activities
2) provide students with enriching opportunities for practical training and career counselling 
3) establish and support continuous communication between outside experts and University of Sharjah faculty and students
4) establish strong ties between the different colleges and departments and the local community
5) contribute to the design of the strategic plans of the colleges and departments
6) support sponsors of the various projects and initiatives conducted by the colleges and departments
7) ensure the compatibility between the various academic programmes offered by the university and the requirements of the job market
8) improve the quality of the different academic programmes based on feedback and suggestions received by the council
9) provide guidance on the nature and quality of the academic research projects conducted at the university and their future development
10) assist in providing graduates with job opportunities and supplying the job market with varied options.