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Students' Council:
The Students' Advisory Council is a group of students who are elected to represent UOS  students. The Council helps develop a safe and supportive university environment that promotes students' services. The Council is committed to achieving its objectives in accordance with the regulations, laws, and provisions in place at UOS.
1. Building and developing a student personality nationally, socially and culturally following Sharia principles.
2. Developing a spirit of leadership among the students and allowing them to express their opinions in a responsible manner.
3. Educating students about their rights and duties in accordance with the UOS regulations in place.
4. Focusing on student issues, and solving problems in cooperation with the UOS administration.
5. Providing a proper healthy atmosphere for dialogue and respect for others' opinions.
6. Fostering a spirit of cooperation and teamwork among students.
7. Supporting and promoting cultural, scientific, social, and sport activities.
8. Urging students to participate actively and effectively in the planning and organization of all matters related to their studies.
9. Collaborating with UOS in the development of students' services in light of their actual requirements.
10. Fostering ties between UOS students, faculty, and administrative staff.
The Student Council serves a number of important functions, such as:
  • allowing students to cast their views on all university issues
  • utilizing opportunities to better serve the students' interests
  • supporting students in their views and concerns
  • looking after students' common interests
  • initiating programs and projects that promote leadership and teamwork
  • nurturing students' welfare in all fields
  • keeping the UOS community up-to-date on events that affect it most
  • solving students' problems effectively