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About the Deanship

The Deanship of Student Affairs is a comprehensive educational and administrative entity that employs its capabilities and resources to serve students. It caters for all their cultural, social, sporting and psychological affairs in order to enrich their lives complementing the scholarly process.

Also, to be leaders of student comprehensive activities, who deliver services with honesty, sincerity and transparency, conveys students' messages and achieve student full satisfaction with the University environment.

  • Setting a welcoming atmosphere that attracts students, encourages them to unveil their talents and hones their knowledge and practical skills.
  • Encouraging students to have balance between acquiring academic knowledge and achieving psychological and physical development.
  • Establishing communication links between the students and the local community through its organizations, activities and occasions.
  • Promoting students' loyalty to their Arabic and Islamic nation and building up a generation with national identity.
  • Developing students' abilities and employing their talents meaningfully in different fields.
  • Supporting and encouraging teamwork and instilling the spirit of cooperation and utilizing the free time within students.
  • Preparing university academic, cultural and sports teams to take part in different tournaments with other universities and institutions.