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Female Student Dormitory Section

The primary goal of the Female Student Dormitory Section is to supervise the provision of adequate housing services and all means of comfort to our students, to create an appropriate atmosphere for educational achievement and to consolidate a spirit of congeniality among students from different nationalities.

In addition, the Female Dormitory Section fully supervises all the affairs of female students residing in the dorms whether from the UAE or overseas. As part of its mandate, it devises the dormitory's annual plan, prepares quarterly and annual reports, and oversees the production and distribution of housing announcements and news bulletins.

One of the responsibilities of the section is to receive new student residents at the beginning of each semester, to familiarize them with the dormitory's rules and regulations, and the duties and responsibilities of female student residents.  Furthermore, it provides assistance to cases that need special care and on-going medical check-ups. Another responsibility is to organize recreational programs, sports activities and weekly trips with the aim of ensuring a comfortable stay for students in a family atmosphere that combines education, guidance and entertainment.

The section also strives to provide residents with an educational and safe environment. Consequently, our supervisors are available 24 hours a day to meet resident students' all needs and requirements, and supervise their departure from and return to the campus.


Dormitory Buildings :

First: The main buildings (for all disciplines) are located near the student center (eight buildings).

Building Name  
Contact number   
Hafsah Bint Omar -W13A        
​​06 – 5051340 
Fatima Al-Zahra - W13B ​     
06 – 5051740
Khadija Bint Khuwaylid- W13C      
06 – 5051003
06 – 5051001
Aisha Bint Abi Bakr - W13D
06 – 5051501
06 – 5051500
Safia Bint Hai - W13E
06 – 5051444
06 – 5051757​
Om Salamah - W13F
06- 5056002​
06- 5056001
Jowayriyah Bint Al Hareth - W13G
06 – 5056355
06 – 5056354
Maymouna bint Al Hareth - W13H
06 – 5056300 ​
06 – 5056301

Second: Medical college buildings (nurses’ housing).

   Building Name
Contact number
Medical Dormitory BLOCK E
06 –5056632​
Medical Dormitory BLOCK F
06 –5056635

Third: Buildings of medical colleges (New Medical , Rafaida Al-Aslamia).

   Building Name
​Contact number
Medical Dormitory BLOCK G
Medical Dormitory BLOCK H
Medical Dormitory BLOCK  K