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Female Student Dormitory Section

Two facilities of female student dormitory, one is in the campus of women colleges and the other is near the medical colleges and the University Hospital.
Student Dormitory provides suitable housing and all means of comfort. Dormitory student enjoy a housing environment that encourages academic achievement and strengthens friendly relationships among multi-national students.
Dormitory section oversees the female students residing in the dormitory units. It prepares the annual dormitory plan and other semester and annual reports and statistics. It also supervises dormitory announcements.

Dormitory Staff

NameJob TitleEmail AddressContact Numbers
Bakhita AlkhatriDirector, Female 065051400
Najlaa Saber AbdulhamidAdministrative
Rehab Mousa M. AhmadAdministrative
Fatima M. SalehMaintenance 065051449
Jihan M. MadkourHousing Manager 065051443

Dormitory Locations
Dormitories allocated for female students of other than the medical colleges (8 dormitories):
1- Hafsa bint Omar W13 A
2- Fatima Al Zahraa W13 B
3- Khadija bint Khuwailed W13 C
4- Aesha bint Abi Bakr W13 D
5- Safiyya bint Huyay W13 E
6- Hint bint Umayya (Ummu Salama) W13 F
7- Juwairiya bint Al Hareth W13 G
8- Maymouna bint Al Hareth W13 H

Dormitories allocated for female students of the medical colleges (6 dormitories):
  1. Medicine Dormitory BLOCK C
  2. Medicine Dormitory BLOCK F
  3. Medicine Dormitory BLOCK D
  4. Medicine Dormitory BLOCK E
  5. Medicine Dormitory BLOCK A
  6. New Medical Building

Types of Dormitory Rooms
Special Single          - one independent room, a kitchen and a bathroom (not available currently)
Normal Single           - one independent room, shared kitchen and bathroom (not available currently)
Special Double         - one room shared by two people, a kitchen and a bathroom
Normal Double         - one room shared by two people, a kitchen and a bathroom shared by four people
Triple                        - one room for three people, a kitchen and a bathroom shared with other students
Single Deluxe           - at the medical dormitories: an apartment of a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom for one student (NA)
Double Deluxe         - at the medical dormitories: an apartment of a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom for two students

Dormitory Supervisors' Contact Details:
SDormitorySupervisorExtensionDormitory Phone
1Hafsa bint Omar W13 AMona S. Zain534006 – 5051340
2Fatima Al Zahraa W13 BHanan A. Sulaiman5740 - 525506 – 5051740

06 – 5051255
3Khadija bint Khuwailed W13 CRehab A. Sharbini5001 - 500306 – 5051003

06 – 5051001
4Aesha bint Abi Bakr W13 DJihan D. Dahab5500 - 550106 – 5051501

06 – 5051500
5Safiyya bint Huyay W13 EEman A. Dulaimi5444 - 575706 – 5051444

06 – 5051757
6Hint bint Umayya (Ummu Salama) W13 FAmira Karar Ibrahim6001 - 600206 – 5056001

06 – 5056002
7Juwairiya bint Al Hareth W13 GFairouz F. Qahwaji6355 - 635406 – 5056355

06 – 5056355
8Maymouna bint Al Hareth W13 HNadya M. Bairaqdar6300 - 630106 – 5056300

06 – 5056301
9 Fatima Alzahraa -06-5453273
10 Nazek Mohammad-06-5527197
11 Huda A. Mohammad-06-5527149
12 Intisar H. Ezzat-06-5527358
13 Najat M. Khawjali-06-5527300
14 Zeinab M. Essa 0501714862

Email address for the Dormitory Department: 

Main duties of the Dormitory Department
    • Receiving new students at the beginning of each semester
    • Providing guidance and introducing the regulations, rules and student responsibilities regarding residence at the Dormitory facilities.
    • Follow up of special cases that need a regular healthcare
    • Organizing entertainment programs, sport activities, and weekly trips in order to ensure comfortable residence for students in a family-like environment where education, guidance and fun meet.
Services available at the Dormitory

Common services shared by the dormitory facilities:

A medical clinic, a sport complex, a restaurant, a branch of Sharjah Cooperative Society (a shopping center), and a guest reception lobby.

Services available for each facility:

A reading hall, a computer laboratory supervised by a specialist, TV halls, laundry rooms, internal gardens, public kitchens and vending machines containing: juice, coffee, and snacks.