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Counseling and Psychological Services Section

Psychological Counselling Section plays an essential role in enhancing students' capabilities and developing their personality. The section is aware of the correlation between self-development and academic achievement. It aims at acquainting students of the importance of counselling services in overcoming the problems they face, improving their social-psychological harmony, encouraging them to achieve academic success, and helping them overcome any pressures them might experience during their university life.

Who Receives Counselling services?     
The Psychological Counselling Section provides its services in the field of psychological, academic or social support on an individual basis. The nature of the services vary according to types of the problems, which are classified upon a study of each case within a time plan. Some cases might be referred to psychiatry, if necessary. The section also responds to inquiries for advice as received through telephone calls, emails or personal visits by students, parents or employees. The section provides personalized services depending on each individual case.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Section
1-   Helping students develop social-psychological-educational harmony.
2-   Providing psychological and social consultations to students.
3-   Examining reasons of academic setback and helping students facing this problem.
4-   Considering student problems and crises and providing necessary psychological and social advice.
Principles and Work Process at the Psychological Counselling Section
1-   All students should be received respectfully and be informed of the services provided by the Section.
2-   All students' inquiries and requests for advice or counselling services should be unconditionally accepted.
3-   Privacy and confidentiality of students are paramount. They should be strictly guaranteed.
4-   Use of scientific approaches in psychological treatment focusing on teaching students the correct way of thinking.
5-   Use of behavioral therapy through relaxation training, breathing exercises behavior modification.
6-   Each  student receiving counselling services will have a personal file for follow-up of her case and determine the number of sessions she needs.
7-   For purposes of providing the best services, we may, when needed and upon approval by the concerned student, contact specialists or concerned people from faculty members, academic advisors, deans or families to seek advice or information.