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Sports Activities Section

The Department of Sports Activities organizes and supervises the implementation of various sports programs, activities and tournaments.  In addition, the department organizes programs in order to train and prepare sports teams for tournaments inside and outside the university. It develops sports programs to promote students’ hobbies  and interests  in sports. The department executes many of the training courses for faculty, staff, and their children, as well as to students in swimming, karate and fitness under the supervision of a group of trained professional couches.
The Department maintains sports facilities and coordinates the use of machines, tools and sports equipment available in the department.
The Department aims to give an opportunity for the largest possible number of students and staff at the University to engage in sports and enjoy other recreational activities at their leisure time. It also aims at developing mental and intellectual abilities of the students and polishing their leadership skills. Furthermore, it aims at developing students’ skills and special talents to reach a higher standard in the area of athletic activities.   The sports complex does its best to develop a spirit of teamwork among students and   to create an atmosphere of friendship among students and faculty.
Experienced and highly qualified couches supervise the Department of Sports Activities.