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Housing Policies, Room Types, Fees, and Dorm Online Application

The university housing administration is working on recruiting and accommodating the largest possible number of students While providing the appropriate environment for innovation and achievement.

Receipt and Fees
As soon as the new student comes to the housing department, He will be welcomed by the supervisors in charge of the dorm, who will explain all housing rules and regulations to the student who will then be responsible. Penalties are borne in the event of any violation of the rules.

Student Accommodation
 The student is accommodated by the housing department; the room will be made available at the beginning of the academic semester. Effort will be made to accommodate the student's desire within the available rooms, and try to coordinate students of the same nationality, and specialization as much as possible.

The Supporting Documents Required for Accommodation
  • Personal Photograph
  • A Copy of the Student's Passport

Room Types and Fees

Accommodation TypeQuarterly fees in DirhamsFees for the summer semester in Dirhams
)Distinguished Single) separate room with kitchen and bathroom4,2441,965
)Standard Single) Separate room with shared kitchen and bathroom3,6631,412
)Premium twin) shared room for two people with kitchen and bathroom 2,030942
)Standard Twin) Shared room for two people with kitchen and shared bathroom for four students 1,628754
(Triple) a shared room for three people with a shared kitchen and an external bathroom1,222515

25% of the room fees must be paid in advance, with the remainder paid before receiving the room, in event that the room reservation is canceled, the student is not entitled to a refund of the amount paid in advance to reserve the room and in the event of withdrawal during the first month of residence in the accommodation, the student is charged 25% of the fees, and in the event that he withdraws from the accommodation within two months of residences. The student is charged 50% of the value of the fees. In the event of withdrawal from the housing after two months of staying in the accommodation, no part of the fees are refunded to the student. However, the deposit of 1000 Dirhams paid at the beginning of the semester is refunded to him in the event of withdrawal, graduation or eviction.

Dining Halls subsidized meal prices:
As a step forward towards improving your experience on campus & to ensure your access to the University Dining Halls subsidized meal prices, the price of the Standard Meal Plan Package as per the table shall be added and charged along with the dorm fees.  
This will enable you to enjoy meals provided by Sodexo Kelvin Catering Services LLC, the University provider for Food & Beverage Services.  Upon confirmation of your booking, the meal plan invoice shall be raised to you directly by Sodexo Kelvin Catering Services LLC

Standard Plan (5 meals a week) = Total Daily Value of AED 21.53 (Including VAT)  ​ ​ ​
1 Meal is AED 21.53 including VATNo. of MealsMeal Plan Value (AED Including VAT)Term
Fall Semester (16 weeks)801,722.40
per semester
Spring Semester (16 weeks)801,722.40per semester
Summer (7 weeks) 35753.55per term

For Contact and Inquiries, Please Call the Following Numbers
Accommodation Reservation Office