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Male Student Dormitory

The University of Sharjah provides suitable accommodation for all students from inside and outside the country. There are two separate locations for student residences on campus, one for male students (within the male students’ campus) and the other for female students (within the female students’ campus).
The residences have different types of rooms to satisfy different needs:
  • Single deluxe room
  • Double room
  • Triple room


The dorms have   well-equipped clinics, reading rooms, laundries, TV rooms, reception rooms for guests, and computer labs in every building supervised by specialists. The dormitory provides students with the best facilities possible and an atmosphere that is conducive to academic achievement through best qualified staff supervising the affairs of the dormitory.
The duties of dorms section includes:
  • Receiving new students each semester and acquainting them with the dormitory bylaws
  • The duties and responsibilities of students inside the dormitory and follow-up of special cases that need constant health care
  • Arranging recreational programs, sports activities and weekly outings. Students in the dormitory enjoy a unique experience of education and entertainment.